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I love words!! I pick up words here and there that sound cool or are just... awesome! This is a list of personal favorites.

  • A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined. Ex: random order, jumbo shrimp, detailed summary,
  • I have loved this word for as long as I  can remember. So long, I can't quite remember why I like it so much. maybe because it sounds cool or has an awesome definition.  (wait, awesome definition? oh yeah, I'm defenitly going into something with the english langage).



  • opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England.
  • At 28 letters long, it's the longest word with an actual meaning, one reason why it's a favorite. Also,  I can say it without a problem. It sounds cool and is fun to say, and besides, who doesn't love long words?


  • Physical body state that you don't want. Such as: muscle tensions, cramps, twitching, etc.
  • Areka and I spent a week trying to find the definition of Doyle after finding it on a website. We looked in dictionaries, the internet, asked many people, even emailed or confermation teacher. I am very proud of our acomplishment.


  • The state of being placed or situated side by side.
  • I first heard this in English class. It sounds so cool and is fun to say. It's wonderful for comparing to things like a the light meeting a shadow.


  • Dwelling in cloisters; solitary
  • I learned this word on the Nun Run. It's really the difining classificaion of a nun and of a sister-- nuns are cloistered, sisters aren't. At frist, I thought everyone was talking about a clam, but slowly i realised some of the convents were partly cloistered, meaning they could only leave if they had to, like grocery shopping.


  • Very talkative; garrulous
  • It defines me perfectly. Those who know me, know I talk a lot. It sounds so... smart! When the guy who lives inside my computer and talks to me said it, he made it sound evil and mischievous.


  • The art or profession of teaching.
  • I would have to say this is the best word. I love the way it sounds and it's so fun to say. it sounds so cryptic and mysterious. It also sounds smart. Pedagogy isn't heard too often either which adds to the qualities. 


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