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My version of the Critics section of the newspaper (dispite the fact that my local news paper doesn't have one of these). Maybe one day, I won't be doing this on the internet...


Maroon 5 I love them! I think they are the best music band I have ever heard of. They are in there own class all by them selves (they kinda fit into the alturnitive rock and punk rock). Some of there best known songs are: 'Harder to Breathe,' 'This Love,' 'She Will be Loved,' and 'Sunday Morning.' Their latest cd, Songs About Jane, was inspired by the lead singers break up with his girlfriend. They're supposed to have a new CD out next year in August!

Good Charlotte  The East Coast post-grunge band is distintive from all the other alternative rock bands.  With Joel Madden on vocals, Benji Madden on guitars and vocals, Billy Martin on guitars and Keyboards, Paul Thomas playing bass, and Chris Wilson playing drums, make them unstopable.  Their songs brings the listeners to an abrupt stop and make them look at reality.  With songs like "Hold On," they may just change the world, or just maybe save a few lives.  The band has three CD's out, Good Charlotte, The Young and the Hopless, and Chonicals of life and death.

John Mayer Wow, I love this guy. He's probably the best guitarest that writes and plays his own songs while making you feel like he knows exactly what you're going through. He was discovered during the 2000 South by Southwest concert held each year in Texas. Although he's from Alanta, Georgia, he currently lives in New York City. His vocals are simple. maybe thats what makes them great. He's one 2 grammy's so far. He has 4 CD's out, Inside wants out, Room for Squares, Any Given Thursday, and Heavyer Things.

Don't worry, I'll add more... check back.