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I don't really like 'about me' pages because most of the time they seem self centered and I'm really not like that.  I just added this because people were saying I sould, so I did. 

Well a lil bout my background.  I was born in Bakersfield, California on August 4th. When I was 2, my parents divorced and my mom and I moved to little town Independence Wisconsin. Then at about the age of 6, we moved to a still small town of Whitehall, about 5 miles away.  I went to California to see my dad's side of the family who live out there in the summer of  2003.  That place rocks!! I love my  family out there! and the fact that in a small town there are SO many petty problems that cause REALLY stupid arguments but not in a big town all they'd prolly say is, "Oh her? I just don't care for her."  and Bakersfield has a mall! with the population of bout 14,000. It's a big city! Since then, I've traveled to a lot of different places in the United States.

But like I said, I live in a small town that has about 1500 people, about the size of a walnut (funny, some people here have the brain of one too, lol). Whitehall has 7 bars the last time Ronnelle, Betty, and I counted during Math.  There isn't much to do since there isn't anything much besides gas stations, farms, cows, cars, bars, and more cows. I'm very close to everyone that I know, maybe because of such a small town. My family and friends mean a lot to me either way.
Since I'm only 15, I'm a sophmore at Whitehall High School it's a good school --for the most part.  I have my 'goup of friends' that I hang out with and I consider them all family.  there is a few jerks (*cough* 'Scruffy' *cough* 'Snobs' *cough*).  I'm in a lot of school activities like student council, FCCLA, FFA,  and Quiz Bowl. and I'm working on a STAR Event for fccla and I might apply for State Offcer.  After High School, I plan on going to a college in Wisconsin. I hope either Stout, Madison, River Falls, or Marquette.  I plan on becoming a Journalist, even though its stressful, I think I can handle it since I handle everything thats on my plate now. Well, thats my life story!

Jessica and Me
My roomate and me at the 4th of July party when we were in San Diego


You've got mail, Zoolander, Outbreak, Chain Reaction, White Chicks

TV Shows:
Charmed, Gilmore Girls, I Love Lucy, 'Jack & Bobby' (inside joke), Friends, King of Queens, Medical Investigation, CSI, Big Brother

Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Bowling For Soup, Black Eyed Peas, John Meyer, Maroon 5, Finger Eleven, Hawk Nelson, Five For Fighting,All-American Rejects, Hoobastank, Better With Ed, Franz Ferdinand, Joss Stone, Apocalyptica, Switchfoot, Fall Out Boy, Relient K, Gavin DeGraw, Lifehouse, Nickelback, FM Static, Fiona Apple, Ryan Cabrera, Norah Jones, Yellowcard, Ego Wrappin', Brian Shroeder

Dr Pepper, Pizza, Cookies, Coke~Cola, Pastas, Applebee's Shrimp Ceasar Salad, Shrimp, Lampster, those things that are really good and you eat them during Christmas and I can never remember the name of them, Ramen Noodles... haha they're easy to make, tacos, sticky buns... lmao!, and lots more food

San Diego, La Crosse, Bakersfield, Chicago, Twin Cities, Durand, New York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Hershey Pen. (The last four I've never been to but sound awesome!)

GAP, Old Navy, Aeropostale, Express, Rue 21, JCPenny, Fashion Bug, DEB, American Eagle, Waldonsbooks, Barns & Noble, Charlotte Russe, Tiger Lily,

Future adventures

Countries I'd like to visit:
Poland, France, Ireland, England, Italy, Greace, Spain, Iceland, India, China, Japan, Canada!, Brazil

Fun Activities:
Sky Diving, swim with Dolphins, jet skiing, Bunji jump, wind saling, fly a helicopter (being a passenger would not do), Para sailing