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How to tell if YOU are a butt model. The idea for this page came from one of my bestest buds, Olivia Solberg! She is the original Butt Model.

  1. You have to have a nice butt
  2. You like to show it off
  3. Your boyfriend has a nice butt
  4. Your crush has a nice butt
  5. Your brother has a nice butt (don't ask why this one is on here)
  6. Your horse has a nice butt that is swimming in the ocean in your backyard
  7. Your sister has a nice butt
  8. Your parents have nice butts
  9. Your friends have nice butts
  10. Your milkman has a nice butt
  11. Your dog has a nice butt
  12. Your bird has a nice butt
  13. When you walk past a mirror, you stop to look at your butt
  14. Your friends think you have a nice butt
  15. You stop in the middle of a hall in a public place just to stop and shake your butt
  16. You're not afraid to shake your butt infrot of people
  17. Innanamite objects have a nice butt
  18. You dream about butts
  19. You go to Halloween costume parties, and your butt has its own costume
  20. You pamper your butt by giving its own lofa
  21. Your butt has specail mucales that you can flex one butt cheeck at a time
  22. If strangers walk by you and grab your butt (then you file a complant)
  23. If your friend says unibrow and you think he/she says unibutt when really its unibun
  24. You have a pet name for your butt
  25. It's the main focal point in a photo shoot
  26. You feel intitled to make a web page, dedicated to butt modeling
  27. You look at other butts to compare it to yours
  28. Your butt has its own website
  29. you're not afraid to ask someone to look at your but to see if the butt is still wet
  30. If you can smile with your cheeks
  31. If you are running around in under armor (spandex) and a T-shirt and run past a mirror and you slam on the breaks to see your butt
  32. if you love your butt soo much that you want to show it off
  33. You have the strange urge to smell your butt because it has butt residue from someone else (sick and distrubing, I know, but this one is not from me!)
  34. your Butt is part of the evergrowing Butt Collage
  35. when a guy at youth group (or someone whoe's really religous) slaps your butt when you're getting into the car.)

I have typed and said the word 'butt' so many times, it doesn't even sound like a word anymore.