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Here is a list of crazy and not so crazy things I'd like to do during my lifetime. Everyone has their own list, weather they realize it or not.

  1. Live life to the fullest
  2. Make a chocolate pizza
  3. graduate from High School
  4. Get into a good college
  5. Graduate from said college
  6. Own a car
  7. Take a road trip with Areka, Amanda, Adrianne, Hailey, and Brittany
  8. Take a road trip to Independence
  9. Visit Canada
  10. Walk thru the drive-thru
  11. Walk thru the drive-thru backwards
  12. Skydive
  13. Get a job
  14. have money for more then a day
  15. learn how to cook
  16. have a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast
  17. Swim with dolphins
  18. Visit Disneyland
  19. Visit Disneyworld
  20. visit all 7 continents
  21. See penguins in Antartica
  22. have a movie marathon
  23. have a professional massage
  24. send a message in a bottle and have it read
  25. get married, stay married, and live happly ever after
  26. see the northern lights
  27. overcome my fear of hights
  28. overcome my fear of bugs, spiders, and cockroaches
  29. overcome closterphobia
  30. Not freak out when people touch my knee
  31. learn how to play the ukalalie (sp?)
  32. learn how to spell "ukalalie"
  33. Read the classics
  34. go on a cruise
  35. meet someone famous
  36. go to a premire
  37. donate to charity
  38. sponser a child
  39. win something
  40. win the lottery
  41. eat pizza in Italy
  42. eat french toast in France
  43. eat Belgium walffles in Belguim
  44. travel to Europe
  45. backpack across Europe
  46. visit France
  47. visit England
  48. visit Switzerland
  49. Visit Poland
  50. Visit Germany
  51. Vist Mexico
  52. Visit Brazil
  53. Visit the Netherlands
  54. Visit Italy
  55. Visit Iceland
  56. Visit Greece
  57. Visit Austria
  58. Visit Finland
  59. Visit Holand
  60. Visit Austrailia
  61. Visit Romania
  62. Visit New Zealand
  63. Visit Casablanca
  64. Visit Spain
  65. Visit Portugal
  66. Visit Vatican City
  67. Visit Hungry
  68. Visit Norway
  69. Visit Russia
  70. Visit Ireland
  71. Visit Wales
  72. Visit China
  73. Visit India
  74. Visit Tailand
  75. Visit all 50 states
  76. Visit Stonehedge
  77. Visit Japan.. again
  78. Live in Japan
  79. Do the Can-Can in the above countries
  80. See the Effel Tower
  81. Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty
  82. See Mt Fuji.... and i mean SEE it
  83. Travel!
  84. Have a Candle lit dinner
  85. Cook a complete dinner
  86. Get an iPod
  87. See all of the Oceans
  88. Become a journalist
  89. Write a cover story for a newspaper
  90. Go skinny dipping... fully clothed
  91. have Breakfeast in bed
  92. Be on a TV Show
  93. Dance in the Rain
  94. fly in a hot air baloon
  95. write a book
  96. climb a mountian
  97. cross abbey road
  98. Find a four leaf clover
  99. milk a cow with my hands
  100. go cow tipping
  101. Be on a jury
  102. Completly TP a house
  103. Ride in a Blimp
  104. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
  105. travel across the USA
  106. Ride an elephant
  107. Have professional photos taken
  108. call in sick when im not
  109. catch the bouqet
  110. meet someone interesting
  111. have an interesting conversation with someone that lasts for hours
  112. learn Japanese
  113. Learn Chinese
  114. Get stright As
  115. Graduate with Honors
  116. make a duck tape bag
  117. make something out of duck tape
  118. play duck duck goose with real ducks and geese
  119. Own a dog
  120. Learn ALL the words to a movie
  121. invent my own soda
  122. see a solar or lunar eclipse
  123. bake something without getting hurt
  124. do something illegal
  125. sing in the rain
  126. go rock climbing
  127. finish a game of monopoly
  128. be in a food fight
  129. sing New York, New York in a street in New York
  130. Become a butt model
  131. Learn Hiragana fully
  132. Learn Katakana fully
  133. Learn more than 20 kanji symbols
  134. Do something spontainious... like at stockmans
  135. Eat a supersize meal at McDonalds.... with the help of 3 other ppl
  136. Start my own Holiday
  137. Win at DDR
  138. Work at a Coffee Shop
  139. Run barefoot in the snow
  140. see more than one movie in a movie theater in one day
  141. Show up at the airport with a bag and a passport and take the first flight available
  142. go ice-skating with out falling over
  143. go to the olymics
  144. go to a concert
  145. dye my hair
  146. see the pyramids
  147. ride a camel
  148. speak another language fluently
  149. read the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
  150. find an item of clothing that you wouldnt wear out in public, and wear it out in public
  151. run down the street in a foreign city in my pjs
  152. read a novel in a foreign language
  153. sleep under the stars
  154. stay in a 5 star restaurant
  155. stay in a 5 star hotel
  156. ride in a helicopter
  157. Climb the Sydney harbor bridge
  158. Sell my air guitar on Ebay
  159. Understand a football game
  160.  wish apon a shooting star
  161. kiss some random guy on the street
  162. watch more movies
  163. drive on the wrong side the road
  164. scuba dive
  165. ballroom dance
  166. float on the dead sea
  167. play dead on the dead sea
  168. Host an exchange student
  169. talk to an exchange student in their native language
  170. Have a pool in my backyard
  171. Read someones mind
  172. hitchhike
  173. pretend to be a clown
  174. Hit Amanda with a fish
  175. Push someone into a pool
  176. tip over a canoe
  177. go on a treasure hunt
  178. be lead on a personal treasure hunt
  179. Have amanda marry pete wentz
  180. stand up in a wedding
  181. have a disney wedding
  182. eat chocolate for an entire day
  183. somehow scare Areka
  184. play with the lights until the bulb burns out
  185. start a conversation with a random person and see how long it lasts
  186. try to have a convo with someone who dials the wrong number
  187. talk for as long as possible
  188. own all the disney movies
  189. audition for american idol
  190. have someone carry me across a river
  191. Never be bored
  192. See old friends
  193. have a good singing voice
  194. have muscles
  195. be an extra in a film
  196. eat nothing but junk food for a day
  197. eat nothing but chocolate for the day
  198. leave your number somewhere and see how many call
  199. Stay out all night dancing and go to work the next day without having gone home (just once).
  200. jet ski
  201. See the "real" Elvis
  202. pretend to take a shower in the display at the mall.... I came close
  203. Call Brett by his correct name
  204. know why i do things that i dont understand
  205. Never Grow Up
  206. High 5 a Japanese guy
  207. Hug a Japanese guy (my host dad doesnt count)
  208. have a set of keys that i can loose  (done that!)
  209. Become a good writer
  210. Sing the entire "99 bottles of beer" song
  211. own a bass guitar
  212. learn how to play bass guitar
  213. have more time to work on this site
  214. have more time to relax
  215. love everyone... no matter what
  216. keep my opinon to myself
  217. have a drive by snow balling
  218. answer the phone asking, "what's your favorite color?"
  219. cover a door with post-it notes

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