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This page has a whole buch of things me and my friends have said. Most are taken out of context so some may sound sick but they're not ment to sound that way. So get your mind outta the gutter!

Jen: Is Chili-Cheese Fries better than sex?

Jen: I just at a Granola bar that tasted like tampons...

Olivia: mines STILL LOADING!!!!

Jen: oh there we go, i hit a wrong button and it went all japanese on me

Jen: "That was one time! One time!!! and I didn't know until half way thru my Root Beer!!"

Jen: It's against my religion to kill on Thursdays.

Timm:... It's a Friday thing
Jen: the day?... or the whore!?
Areka: he suffered died and was risen...because he stole my music
*Rita, Areka, and Jenny poking each other*
Rita: I dare one of you to go over there and poke one of those girls. *points to a group of girls
Areka: oh no... Jenny will too
Jen: *pokes one girl in the arm* POCOLITOUS!!!!
Rita: I'm surpirsed it doesn't stand up and write on its own.
*Jen bugging Ryan*
Ryan: stop that! I hope your family in Japan keeps you!
*watching the movie Moses during the parting of the Red Sea*
Areka: That looks like fun.. I should try that at the creek!
Liv: is it 715?
Jen: nope, its 8:11
Liv: really? the area code is 811?
Jen: oh no, I thought you ment the time!!
Livvy: What are marshmallows made out of?
Jen: I don't know, I always thought they were made out of clouds... then I turned 8
Liv: I thougt they were ghost turnds... then i turned 15
Jen: Minamize, Minamize, Minamize!!!!
Jesse: Well, this Thanksgiving is going to be the first without my grandparents..... oh, they're not dead
Rita: Don't those two girls over there look innocent? *points to Areka and Jen* They're not
Liv: He was talking about shooting baby pigeons
Manda: Shooting baby pigeons is fun!
Amanda: Urchhchchh
Jen: hey, give me $5 and ill show you my belly button
Areka: the other night, somthing was moving on my floor and guess what it was?
Jen: what? a sock
Areka: No, a spider. and guess what i did?
Jen: What? you ate it?
Areka: how'd you know?! no i stood there, and thogut if i were Jenny,  I do? I would scream. but im not Jenny. so i squished it
Amanda: Being down here in Tennessee doen't make me smarter
Jenny: um, Amanda, we're in Kentucky
Timm: Nashville is in the same time zone as Wisconsin.
Jen: We're in Louisville KENTUCKY!! Nashville is in Tennesse. and Kentucky is in a different time zone
Liv: I ran into a garbage can... again.
Ronelle: What one of you are you talking about?
Jen and Liv: *points to each other* Her!
Olivia: Call olivia, b/c I'm not calling you!
Liv: *cracks up laughing* that's not funny.
Jen: My ribs hurt.
Hailey: its it because you were on the bottom?
Jen: no, I was on top.
Jen: I'll be the concerned friend.
Hailey: I'll be the poor ex-girlfriend.
Amanda: and I'll be the one laughing when your plan fails!
Hailey: If it weren't for your stupid gradingsystem *holds up 4 fingers* I woulda had 3 wrong!
Mr. Walck: *mimicks hailey; holds up 4 fingers* 3!? 3?! and this is math class!
Hailey: *under her breath* ah shit.
Mr. Walick: what was that!? well i guess you can do all that extra credit you've been asking for when you're sitting in detention for cursing!
Areka: It's was soo dark in there, we couldn't tell whose jaket was whoes.
Olivia: i want my butt to be on there! bring your camera tomorrow and i'll bring my butt.
Areka: I can't even count how many times I've been to Eau Claire, well maybe if i tried I could...
Jen: Amanda, stop flirting with me!
Jen: I know, i don't like them b/c I know that 'she' likes 'him'
Olivia: WHAT!!?....... well, I don't care because... i just don't care!
Livvy: my guys friends can't call me Livvy they just... can't! It's.... illegal.
Jen: Oh, and that would make a great relationship, i get to see him once every...never!
Jen: Stop tuching my knee!!!
Olivia:... well, I was kinda confused because I kinda forgot what sterotype ment...
Jen: hold on, I gotta put the phone down, here, talk to my teddy bear.
Liv: Hello Teddy! how are you teddy?... that's good teddy!.. could you put Jenny back on the phone teddy?
Olivia: haha, thats right, im not a dumb blonde, im a smart blonde.. thats a.. whats that word? IT'S AN OXYMORON!! HAHA!
Olivia: is that my hair?
Jen: huh?
Olivia: I HAVE TO PAY YOU ... $0.21 FOR MY HAIR!!!!!
Jen: what?!
olivia: ok.. im on your photo album and i clicked on the pic of my hair and it said i have to pay 21 cents for it!
Jen: great, now i'm in love with "F", thanks livvy! i'm in love with no one!
Jen: This would make a great porno video...
Jen: you scratched me on my most crookedist finger!!
Liv: Horsies can fly high!
Olivia: Who goes on your site?
Jen: i dont know.
Olivia: like... people?
Jen: No, dogs Livvy...
Olivia: fine! lol!
Olivia: I'm sad.
Jen: Why?
Olivia: My movie, House arest is over. The one with Mooky in it.
Jen: that sad, its almost 8, your date musta ended early.
Olivia: Huh?..... OH!!! I get it! nevermind.
Jen: Delayed reaction?
Olivia: yeah! big time!

Bri: Tonight Jay welcomes, from the cast of Charlie and the chocolate factory, Johnny Depp! Jenny Harris and her Bri Dressel gossip column! and tonights music, Bri Dressel and her band guys!! and here's your host, Jaaaaaaaaaaayyy Lenooooooooo

Bri:... That's good, because if they knew that you knew that they know that, there'd be hell to pay.
Jen: yes it would, and I have paid hell so much, I now have to take out a loan.

Jen: This just in: Bri dies of unknown causes. the letter "J" was left on her computer screen. Police think she was trying to spell the abbr, "JK", or spell the murder's name, perhaps even wanted to feature the letter J, like seseame street. We may never know...
Bri: Damn nun in India, they ruin everything...
Olivia: oh! guess what! I have a boyfriend!
Jen: really? who?
Olivia: yeah, he's got brown hair, he's tall and he will let me get close to him. do you know why I can?...  because he lives in my tv screen!
Jen: My nose itches.
Olivia: you know what that means! someone is thinking about you.
Jen: yeah and my lip itches, taht means someone is thinking about me and is going to change there religion.
Olivia: we're not bringing that up anymore because we don't like him anymore.
Jen: we?
Olivia: yes we, meaning you and me.
Jenny: Hey Hailey, I'm going to three way Timm, hold on.
*brings TImm in to the conversation*
Jenny: Hailey?
Hailey: yeah.
Jenny: Timm?
Timm: yeah.
Jenny: ok everyone's here.
Hailey: oh so you finally figured out how to use your three way calling didn't you?
Jenny: yeah I did.
Timm: yeah, your mom scares me.
*pause, silence, whatever you wanna call it*
Hailey: umm... yeah, why is some guy talking on the phone?
Jenny: It's TImm! I told you I was three-waying him in!
Jenny: What are you so afraid of? and if you say butterflies...
Jenny: Oh my gosh! today is the last day of our freshmen year!
Amanda: Yeah it is.
Jenny: that means tomorrow we're going to be sonfasnickers-- I mean sophomores.
Jenny:  I hope that you get President and I get Vice-President so we can assasinate each other.
Olivia:  I was going to steal his shirt, but that would be, like, Stealing and I don't want to be a stealer.
Jenny:  ... we are also sincerely sorry for any extreme mishaps that could have been created in the process.
Olivia: that's gooder!
Amanda:  You could say you were looking under the couch looking for money and you found it.
Jenny:  What, Olivia, now you're poor and need to dig through your couch cushions from money?
Amanda:  He told me it was behind the basket, under the blanket, and next to the box.
Jenny:  I thought it was next to the basket, under the blanket, and behind the box.
Amanda: oh yeah, thats what I thought, I just changed it a little.
Amanda:  You had to wrap it in tin foil or the animals wouldn't eat it and get high.
Jen:  Couldn't you see a squirl falling off a tree because he was high?  or a racoon digging throuh the garbage then spacing out.
Amanda:  He made me look for 3 hours for a paper clip just to scrap the bowl!
Peter:  *throws dishes*
Amanda:  Peter, no.
Peter:  *Angry Face* my girlfriend said that to me and I ended up in Jail!
Peter's Mom:  Peter, you work with your dad on construction, you should know by now to paint the ceiling frist!
Peter:  Well I thought you paint the darker colors first!

Amanda:  My parents were at the bar, they're always at the bar....
Olivia:  I have a 1lb of milk chocolate bunny that my grandma didn't eat, so she gave it to me.
Jen:  Oh! can I have a piece?!
Olivia:  Yeah.
Jen:  Yes!
Olivia:  I was like bitting off the ear, and it's like solid! and oh my gosh, I kept my mouth open a little too long and I started to drool!
Jen:  I don't get it!  why do you need media training?
Olivia:  *does weird movements with her fingers and in baby voice* I can't write it down because I don't have the note!
*olivia gives wrappers to Jenny*
Jen: Oh! can I have a peice of gum?
Olivia: here you go.
Jen: thats not the same kind!
Liv: yes it is!
Jen: no it's not!
Liv: yes.
Jen: *grabs the two pieces of gum but rips them* Ha! I told you it's not the same!
Liv: you're smelling things.
Mrs. Dahl: .... you should have it pictured in your mind...
Brittany:  Jenny, What if your mind is blank?
Jen: What were you trying to tell us?
Amanda: I was trying to tell you that I left my english homework at home and I went to the office to ask my mom to bring it before it's due.
Jen: *cracks up laughing* Oh, I forgot to tell you that it's not due today!
Amanda: Jenny! Why didn't you tell me?
Jen: Well it's not my fauld that you left your homework at home!
Amanda: Well it's your fault for not telling me it was due! Now my mom has to drive all the way here from Northfield to school!
Amanda: Why do I feel soo stupid!? Jenny! don't answer that!
Amanda: *drinks from her water bottle*
Jenny: Amanda, you'd make a good drunk.
Amanda: Thank- What did you say!?
Hailey: He'll think you're stalking him.
Jen: Well it wouldn't be the frist time I stalked a guy.
Jen: Could you give this to Darral?
Lunch lady: ok, I hope his wife doesn't find it.
Olivia: owwie, owwie, owwwy *pause*
*Mr. Johnson turns off lights*
Olivia: Hey! I can't see anything!

Olivia: Do you have a perminet marker? Mine is low on the perminet stuff.
Some dude on a Aztec video thing: ...The king coould of had his own flushing thrown....
Jen: We have some educational conversations.
Emily: Olivia is no where near educational.

Jen: Eeww! There's a Tongue print on it!!
Amanda: wow Mr. Giese, you do a lot of stunts, you must be a secret agent!
Jen: Yeah Amanda, he was the guy in all those James Bond movies.
Amanda: Whoa! you look nothing like him!
Brandon: Besides, I like Nick.
Brandon: See? I'm a smart lil' boy who likes nick... and I'm 6 months pregnant.
Brandon: Beavis say's hi. His name is Nick.
Brandon: Stupid lil boys named Nick, that work at conveniece stores like smart lil boys like me!

Amanda impersonating Brandon: I can't talk to you anymore because I still have feelings for Olivia... and I'm gay, that's right I'm gay, and I like lil boys!
Jenny, Olivia, & Amanda: LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON!!
Olivia: I'm hungry, do you have a pop-tart?
Jen: no I don't.
Olivia: gum?
Jen: nope
Olivia: root bear barrel?
*Jen thinks* no I don't.
Liv: yeah! you had to think about that one for a sec, didn't ya?!
Olivia: I was like... fruit loopy there for a sec.
Olivia reading the clock: Does this say 10:50?
Jen: No it says 11:50.
Olivia: Shut up!
Olivia: I want a Brownie.
Jen: Oh! you're talking about food!
Olivia: huh?... ohh!
Jenny: Amanda, I can see you and Cruly 30 years from now with two kids...
Jessica: yeah and the kids names would be Billy and Billy Bob.
Olivia: i gotta sneeze.... oops, too late.
Jen: we're in the same boat!
Olivia: you're right... same boat... dont tip it over please, i dont wanna get wet.
Olivia: everytime I look over there you're taking a bite of your chicken.
Jenny: it's chocolate.
Amanda: it's a bunny.
Olivia:  Chocolate Chicken... Chocolate bunny, same thing!
Jen: Don't breathe on me with your bad breath.
Amanda: So do you!
Jen: Bovolio, Mojollio... I'm in love with another girl, Pojollo.

Olivia: I'm hungry... I like Mitch and jolly ranchers... and cheetos.
Livvy: Rated SP? more like LD.
guys are jerks... and girls suck!
Jen: and you like chocolate eggs with orange cream in the middle.
Olivia: not after i found out they were lil chickens!
Jen: those are the real eggs! not the chocolate ones!
Jenny: I'm sorry Jerry! we may not of done that but at least we didn't go into the bathroom with and condom and no one else!
Amanda: uhhhhh
Olivia: uhhhhhhhhaa
Amanda: uhhah
Olivia: uhhahhh
Jen: oh, so this is how a couple of 'uhha's' communicate.
Amanda: uhha
Oliva: *bursts out laughing til her face turns pruple*
Jen: uhra
*Amanda starts to hiccup*
Jen: it looks like it's gonna storm, dudes.
Mr. Giese: those flight attendents in the picture look nothing like the ones i saw this weekend.
Noah: where they hot?
*Pause as the class laughs*
Mr. Giese: No.
*class laughs even more*
Mr. Giese: first rule of marrage, Noah, never say another girl is hot.
Jenny: well I gotta go.
Olivia: you're leaving me?
Jenny: yeah.
Olivia: alone? by my self?... at this table?... in study hall?... in school?... in whitehall?... in Wisconsin?... In the United States?... on this continent? the world?... in the gallexy?... in the Universe?... next to Venus!?
Olivia: If you were stuck on a stranded island and you had to get to shore because the other shore is over there... and the water is full of zebras and clams...
Amanda: I saw Mercury, then Venus, I saw the Earth, then Mars, saw Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus, then Neptune, and Pluto
Jen *Eats cookie*
Olivia: your gonna get in trouble.
Jen: *shoves the rest of the big cookie in here mouth*
Amanda: wanna cookie?
Olivia: no thank you.
Jen: I'll have hers!
Olivia: *grabs cookie* f*ck you!
Olivia: you gotta slow down! I'm still on Uranus!
Olivia: Mental Images, anyone?
Olivia: you're in the middle of a midget fight!
Olivia: It was really trafficy there!
Olivia: It was fun! but I didn't want to get out of the car!
Amanda: It's a circle, square, whatever.
Amanda: they were on top of a barn....
Olivia: there was an alley between the window and the seats in the air roof.
Olivia: wanna play again?
Olivia: ok this is stupid, it says that you're gonna be a male stripper, but the stupid thing is, your husband is going to be a male stripper too...
Jenny: I'm gonna be a what? I can't be a male stripper!... I don't have male parts!
*pound* Jenny & Olivia: owwww!!
Amanda: you threw it away? that could of been an antique.
Jen: He's going crazy...
Amanda: well he doesn't have to drive far...
Jenny: you put on your cousins dirty pants!?
Jenny: Shoot it's St.Patrick's day and I should of wore my green underware, now I don't feel so lucky.
*Jen or Livvy says something*: damnit! Aoof! *gives each other a hi five*
*Jenny, wispering, and giving her forensics speech*
Adam Kloss: SHHHHH!
Jenny: shut up! and go screw yourself.
Adam: well I'm not going to in class.
Jenny: Thank good.
Amanda: This isn't a crime scene investigation no crime took place, dumb ass!
Jenny: It's better than Disneyland!
Jenny: Okay. you know it's not very nice to hide the cheese wiz on me!
Jen: Oh my god! we forgot the cannoli!
Adrianne: WHAT!
Jen: the cannoli! we forgot the cannoli!
Adrianne: what are you talking about?
Jen: the cannoli you were supposed to grab the gun! haven't you heard? your supposed to leave the gun and grab the cannoli!
Adrianne: I didn't bring a gun and what's a cannoli?
Jen: you've never seen the Godfather?
Adrianne: you got that off a movie? I thought you were serious!!!
Olivia: I didn't know horses could swim!
Olivia: Guess what? I got a ring today!... wait... no! damn.
Brandon: Olivia made a rainbow....... do you know what I mean by that?
Jenny: not not really I don't think I wanna know.
Brandon: think dirty...... lip gloss and *cough cough*
Jenny: what does lip gloss have to do with anything!?
Jenny: Here's your folder * throws it to Amanda*
Amanda: ouch! you hit my boob!
Jenny: *impersonating Amanda* Oh my gosh! my boob! you hit my boob! save me!... the manilla folders are going to take over the world, one boob at a time!
Amanda: with handcuffs!
Jenny: Brittany.... Brittany!... Brittany!!
Brittany: What?
Jenny: Cleavland Ohio!
Brittany: What the --
Jenny: I don't know, it's just random.
Peidro: Please keep your hands, arms, and legs inside the farris wheel at all times. you cannot have beer, drugs, or anyother kind of illigal substance on this ride.
Jenny: Oh shoot! Good thing I forgot my keg of beer.
Amanda: I'm glad I left my marajiana plant on the bus.
*farris wheel goes around*
Jenny: my phsicalogist said I'm not supposed to talk to people like you.
*farris wheel goes arond again*
Peidro: Why you can't talk to me?
*goes arond again*
Areka: her phsicologist said she can't talk to people.
*goes around*
Amanda: you should see my room in Juvy it's awsawome! better than anyone elses!
Areaka: yeah you should see it!
Hailey: whould you guy shut up? this is the last time i go on a farris wheel with you guys.
*end of the ride*
Peidro: It was nice talking to you girls, come back again.

Olivia: be right back... gotta pee.
Jenny: oh thanks for the explination!!

I get a little scroll thing that says we're in a winter advisory.

Olivia: what was that dick piercing that AJ was talking about? a prince charles? or edward? I don't remember.
Jenny: a Prince Elbert.

Olivia: your balls are annoying me! they keep moving!

Olivia: what's gray poupon?
Areka: another can always say toot, or sees, or lion oil, or race car backwards and no one will ever know!!!
Olivia: What's lay away?
Areka: somebody stole my tape... again.
Jenny: should I call the FBI?
Areaka: YES!
Jenny: The secret service?
Areka: NO! wait, I work for the FBI, member?
Jenny: No I don't, why does everyone ask that? I never member. member?
Jenny: I broke my computer and I'm gonna be sent to Canada in a wooden create to go to a Canandan boarding school, I'll have to learn their national anthym! because I don't know if you have to sing it in school or not! I don't even know the whole thing of the American anthum! I'll never go to college and become a Journalist! I'll be living out on the streets... next to a dumpster! I probably won't even have the dumpster! I'll be alone.... in Canada!

Olivia: Haha I'm in!


A.J. Butters: gravity *punch fists together* arrrrrrrg!

Jenny: I'm in my own little world...
Olivia: Ha ha ha! I don't get it...
Hailey: I wish I was barbie, that b**** has everything

Olivia: It's like  a fruit loop, only puffier!

Olivia: He's the one with the blue champion sweatshirt.
Emily: the one shooting the basketball?
Olivia: No, yes! yes! that's the one!
Adrianne: *pout* I want some go-banana juice.
Matt: Blame Canada.
Adrianne: This IS a monkey!
Amanda: What's the abbrevations for Chicago?... CHI right?
Jenny: uuhhhh nooo.
Amanda: well don't all States have abrevations?
Jenny: Amanda...... Chicago is a CITY!!!
Olivia: Hold your horsies!
Jenny: Horsies? I don't have any!
Olivia: are you sure? are any swimming in the ocean behind your house?
Jenny: hmmm... idk lemme check... nope, no ocean no horsies.
Jenny: Oh My God! you're embarressing!

Donkey: So much for a noble steed.
Gravity baby!
Jenny impersonationg Princess feona: *piggy snort* ahhhhhh....ahhhhh!
Olivia: what!? there's more on the back!?
Olivia: what if we never had any previous jobs?
Olivia: Jenny, there's an eye ball hanging from the ceiling...
Jenny: Olivia.... that's a pinata... 
Jenny: How hard is it to stick it in there and turn the crank a few times?!
Olivia: Hey! your gonna rip it off!
Hailey: He's not mine because all the ones she thinks are hot are ugly too me!
Olivia: well lets name hi--- hey shut the hell up!
I object!!!

Jen: the guys on there were pretty cute
Amanda, Oh come on! It was like 3 hard candies in a drawer!

Jen: mental hugs make me feel crazy
Amanda: me too although im half there
Jen: me too.were you in the poka dotted car i past eralier today?
Manda: was purple and aquamarine..
Jen: i thought you looked familiar...
Manda: yup..i had a huge dinosaur suit on
Jen: oh yeah, i remember now. i might have been riding with penny, the penguin i stole from the zoo
Amanda: were you wearing a yellow jump suit with pink fairy wings?
Jen: no pink jump suit and yellow fairy wings
Amanda: oh..ok..then i defiantly saw you

liv: i dont know if my dad will let me call him though
Jen: here, use mine. *throws cell phone*
liv: oh yeah thanks *catches cell phone in mid-air* sweet! i caught it and i didnt even drop it!! cool! *trips over rug and phone crashes to the floor* ... damn

Olivia: I love aaron.  he's my loverboy, my mr. half of the dup, the ricky of my lucy, the apple of my eye, my hubby, my...gardner??

Rachel: give me a half hour and I'll be ready in 10 minutes

Jen: Jeff, I have some bad news, you might need to sit
Jeff: *sits, fake cries* oh no!
Jen: Roxanne... she's... moved on
Jeff: *bolts up* who's Roxanne?!
Jen: the water bottle!

Erika: Where did Jenny get these kisses?
Areka: Iiga
Erika: huh?
Areka: Iiga... IGA
Erika: oh, I thought you were speaking Alaskian! or talking about some new stove that i don't know about!

Jen: the unibum? please don't say the unibum.

Liv: People always say, "I guess I read the signs wrong." and i think "of course you did your retard!"

Amanda: I'm trying to read your mind, stop thinking!

in library
Amanda: *looks around* "I can just see it, after school, the library nazis flip a switch and the cieling flips and there's

Areka: Only boring people are ever bored

Jen: well, they cheated!
Liv: so did we.

Amanda: who's bringing the knife?
Liv: I'll bring the body bag.
Jen: I'll bring the toilet paper.
Liv: we're gonna toilet paper his house?
Amanda: Sure! ok, we'll sneak out and cut some bologna and throw it on him then wrap him up so he smells like rotten bologna.

Amanda: one day, one day, I'm going to become a serial killer and he's the first on my list!

Amanda: what's with all the guys wearing dresses?
Jen: i dont know.
Amanda: our school is like headquarters for crossdressers.

Liv: He's sereotyping me isn't he? i never tought about it that way.
*says to herself* and now you know, Mikes Super Short Show!
Jen: now that came out of no where.

Liv: its mardyi gras!
Jen: mardi Gras beads!
Liv: yeah, cept we cant have mardi gras anymore becuase that's in mardi gras villwhis is in Lousiana and that place is flooded so we're gonna have it in Wisconsin... on Independence Day.

Amanda: He didn't even wanna go into Victoria's Secret!
Curly: Holy Shit! if i had my licence I'd be brining you girls up there every weekend!

Jen: Don't they know they shouldn't be trying to pick up chicks in the middle of a cornfield?

Brendan: I didn't fall.

Amanda: so the next time i see you cuddling up with someone, like a guy, i won't think your gay, i'll just think, 'oh, he does that to everybody!'

Amanda: OK, Doce... Menos... Tres.. is 9. Nueve.. yesterday i got 11! wait, Nueve doesn't fit, wait yeah it does

Amanda: My family is like reject city!

Jenny: you know the run away bride? well, she had 14 bridesmaids. That's kinda like my cousin, except she had 6.

Liv: You can read inside my mind!

Jen: so... he has to kiss a girl to find out if he really likes a girl? *nods in intrugement*
Amanda: I'm next.

Liv: I hate cheerleading! stupid tests!!
Jen: Are you going out for basketball or wrestling cheerleading?
Liv:... yeah!

Olivia: *hands pieces of paper to Jen*
Jen: oh thank you... that one's nice.. I like that one... this one can go with the rest of them... that one i don't want.

Liv: *reading note* are you seriouse  about the first line?
Jen: *looks at note* well thats what you said! you said you wanted to make a movie.
Liv:  I said I was going to try to make a move not movie!

Olivia: ...All the guys in our school are horndogs anyways!
Jen: What does corndogs have to do with anything?
Livvy: Not Corndogs, Horndogs!
Jen: Oh! I thought you ment corndogs! I didn't know how that had anything to do with are conversation.
Both: *crack up laughing*

Olivia: If you want another M.J. episode, all you need is Brandon and Nick, if you want the real thing, all you need is mitch.

Olivia: Holy Crap!  I can see my eye!

Olivia:  I like to di- whats that word?
Jenny: Dictate?
Olivia: Yeah! I like to dictate what I'm doing...  I am opening up my penceil case...

Jenny: Do you know what black holes remind you of?
Hailey: No, what?
Jenny: Blackholes reminde me of... hairy belly buttons!

*Hailey puts stuff into her locker and leaves the door open*
Jen: Oh my Gosh! she just leaves it open.
Areka: yeah, she always does that.
Jen: well then I'll just go thru it *finds a stick that says 'Hailey' on it then puts it back*
Areka:  Wait what does it say on the other side?  *looks at it, and reads 'long' on it* Oh my Gosh! Hailey, what's this for!?
Hailey: *cracks up laughing, then calmly says* thats the stick that marks how long I've jumped.
Jenny:  I thought it was his length and it needs to say 'Pride' on the other side.

Olivia: Giggle Giggle.

Jenny: What did he do?
Olivia: Who?
Jenny: My neighbor.
Olivia: Really?
Jenny: Did he mow on the lawn?
Olivia: yes he did.
Jenny: He should put up a fence
Olivia: yup.
Jenny: A white picked one.
Olivia: thats a pretty one!
Jenny: yeah.
Olivia: No.

Jenny: It's funny, You laugh the slightest bit, then I start to laugh, then you laugh because I'm laughing, then I laugh even more, which makes you laugh even more!

Amanda: There's something in your teeth.
Jenny: *removes Brownie particles from teeth*
Adrianne: You looked like a Hillbilly!
Jenny:  * takes brownie piece and sticks it between here teeth* Hi I'm Hillbilly Jane! *tries to take it out* oh, I can't get it out!
Hailey to Mr. Walek: What am I running tonight?
Jenny:  *brownie fragment shoots to the back of the throat followed by coffeing*

Hailey: ... Keep it on the Down Low.
Jenny: What?!
Hailey: Keep it on the down low.
Jenny: Oh my gosh, I thought you said he blew it out his hole!

Olivia: you're gonna leave me?
Jenny: Yeah, you could come with me.
Olivia: na huh.
Jenny: Ya huh.
Olivia: no.
Jenny: Yes.
Olivia: Noda! see you have nothing for that!
Jenny: Si.
Olivia: no.
Jenny: Si.
Olivia: Hey that's spanish!
Jenny: well, what do you think noada is?
Olivia: no.

Olivia:  Sa you're trying to find something, oh, say, a cupcake...

Olivia: I'm trying to think realisticly here and you know how hard that is. You are making it *pause* harder.

Olivia: I like my thinking... and I don't even have my glasses today!

What has fingers, toes, a body, two ears (yes! that's TWO ears!) and a nose with blonde curly hair and doesn't like Mitch anymore?
Answer? OLIVIA!

Olivia: You do you happen to have a cookie with you?

Olivia: Happy Birthday to me.
Jenny: Olivia, your Birthday is in August.
Olivia: Oh, I forgot.

Olivia: I smell Cheedos!

Amanda: Exotic isn't fun to say unless it has the word dancer at the end!

Olivia: hold on... i gotta kiss brad pitt and i get a free designer handbag... i kissed him 4 times already and i STILL haven't got my designer handbag! flippin' rip off!

Olivia: but i need adv-... my feet smell!

Olivia:... and he has sexy hairy legs, Hey! I could write a romance novel!

Olivia:  My feet smell.
Jenny: Is that your way of telling me you want advise?
Olivia: yeah!

Timm: I'm easily ammused, aren't I?
Jen: yes you are. Have you ever watched paint dry?
Timm: yes! yes I have, it's fu- No I haven't!  What are you talking about?! where would you get such an idea from!?

Butt Modeling!

*Brittany shoots staples at Amanda, you know, like when you have to staple soome thing on to a board*
Amanda: No you have to shoot, twirl it, then blow on it.
*Brittany shoots another staple*
Amanda: No, like this *grabs a stapler, shoots, blows on it, and twirls it*
Jenny: No, it's more like shoot, twirl, then blow.
*Amanda shoots, drops the stapler, picks it up, twirls it, then blows on it* There!

Amanda: What does it mean when your eye iches?
Olivia: Someone wants to kill you.
Amanda: like who?
Olivia: I don't know! * Looks at Jenny but Amanda doesn't see*
Amanda: What does it mean when your head itches?
Olvia: you have Lice.
Amanda: oh hey, what's that?
Olivia: I don't know, maybe you have Scabbies.

Hailey: Yesterday during track, my musels are growing so i had to streatch my legs and my coach, Troy helped, and I was almost crying because it hurt so bad! Then it started to rain an-
Jen: and he streched you out in the back seat of his car?

What's in a name? That which we call a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Amanda: He called last night and told me where it was and it was under the bed, next to the basket, under the blanket, and behind the box. It was confusing!
Jenny: A basket, blanket, and a box confuses you?! you should get a jack-in-the-box and try to figure one of those out!

Amanda: 'Erik' told me that if you eat 4 fresh mushrooms you'll trip real hard, I think he's like that all the time.

Amanda: did we get cookies for him?
Olivia: no, we, we, we-
Jenny: nice french.

Jen: and?
Olivia: and-oops! I got lip gloss on my eraser!

Liv: He's gonna change his religion so he can marry me!
Jen: and thats set in stone already!
Liv: Yeah! too bad he doen't know about it yet...
Jen: when are you gonna tell him?
Liv: the day before the wedding because I'm not changing my religion, my kids want christmas presents!
*Both crack up laughing*
Jen: Gravidade!
Liv: Feliz nav- oh wait! that navudad, not gravidad!

Liv: Feliz navidad, thats Marry Christmas right? yeah it is! ok, we can change it to Feliz Gravidad, Marry Gravity!

Liv: Tongs are things you pick up chicken with, right?

Liv: my nose iches, someone must be  thinking about me, my lip itches! What does that mean? Does that mean somebody is thinking about me and whats to change their religion so my kids can have christmas presents? 

Areka: what about your pig? Grab the Baccon!!

Areka: What do you think of the guy in my display pic?
Jen: He's cool. What do you think of my cow?
Areka: He's hott cow!
Jen: Thank you! Bessy will be flattered!

Amanda: have you ever been to
Jen: *bursts out laughing*
Amanda: no seriously!

Olivia: I gotta tell you something but I for got what it was.
Jen: *retarded voice* ahah durrrrr I'm stupid b/c i was in a farnam house b/c i was suicidal ah ah ah ah ah

Jen:*retarded voice* bawk bawk Im a chicken!

Amanda:  Jenny, what's for lunch?
Jenny: *retarded voice* haha chicken.
Olivia: holy crap! it really is chicken!

Amanda: it was easy, there were spaces.
Olivia: oh!
Amanda: don't squish them together!
Olivia: well, those were spaced and these aren't.

Olivia: I can't touch it, because it would be non-antibacterialistic.

Olivia: *traces a picture of her hand... then arm... foot... then her head... knee... and nose*
Jen: we're gonna piece you back together.

Nonie: *draws a picture*
Jen: oh my god! dirty dirty!

Olivia: I have six boobs!

Olivia: Im gonna draw a moose!

Olivia: Where are my boobs?... There they are!

Brittany: So how was spanish?
Olivia: Good! I lost my boobs.
Brittany: What!?
Olivia: yeah I found them on the floor, next to my fingers.

*Birthday cake Liv drew* This cake is for Jenny Harris from Olivia Solberg and now it's not from her anymore because she made olivia mad!

Amanda: I smell meatloaf.
Jenny: That's onions... wow your senses must really be off!

Jen: Can I have a piece of chocolate?
Amanda: No, I'm cutting you off!

Ronelle: Never try to count how many bars Whitehall has while you're doing your math.

Olivia: I'm gonna make another horse, do you have a feather?

Jen: You know you can poke a hole there for the horses mane.
Olivia: well that's where his eye is!
Jen: Well I mean for the next horse you make.
Olivia: *thinks about it, puts the 'horse' on the table, takes pen and trys to stab the horse* I missed.

Olivia: now he's sweating! He must have been nervous! *talking to the horse* Poor lil horsie, I would never do that to you!
Jen: *bursts out laughing*

Olivia: Damn it tail! Go in!

Olivia: when you push in the tougue, the tail comes out!

Jen: *trying to poke a hole in the paper* ow!!!
Olivia: Shhh! *takes the paper* hey! you made a hole!

Olivia: do you have tape?
Jen: No.
Olivia: super glue?
Jen: Nope.
Olivia: elemers glue?
Jen: nuh uh.
Olivia: glue stick?
Jen: nope.
Olivia: wood glue?
Jen: I don't have anything sticky.
Olivia: can I borrow your spit then?!

Olivia: *moving her horse up and down* wanna play with my horse?
Jen: *starts laughing hysterically*

Jen: whooohooo! watch the lil horsey thing!

whoo hoo!
whooooo hoooo!

Jen: so you need to draw a rectangle around it?
Olivia: it's for a license plate!

Voice Mail Lady: you have 19 new voice messages. your voice box if full and you can no longer recieve any new voice messages.
Jen: *thinks to her self* who would be crazy enough to leave me 19 messages.
Olivia: *on the voice messages* hey! I'm back!...
Jenny: *thinking to herself* wow! that explains a lot!

Olivia: well i gonna go on msn.
Jen: you can't cuz then i wont be able to talk to you!
Oliva: yeah you will but just not... talking... face to face it would be talking computer face to computer face!

Jen: Hailey... hit her.

*gasp* you said that word!

Mitch: I like to do flips on my tube!
Olivia" lol!
Mitch: That's narly dude!
Olivia: lol... Narly dude?
Mitch: ok' ero... rightious.

Amanda: Hey Darral, can we have some free milk?
Darral: yeah, I suppose.
Jen: sweet! I didn't think you accually would!

Amanda: Oh my gosh! abuse!
Olivia: *under her breath* abuse that's real diserved.

Olivia: unless your on ardvark who eats wood...

Brittany: what did Mrs. Dahl say?
Jenny: I don't know, all I heard was Dixie cup.

Jen: Oh my god Amanda! you have a tag still attached to your new pants!
Amanda: Oh my god! Mr. Blaziar do you have a pair of scissors?
Jen: yeah cuz we need to cut her pants off of the tag.
*few minutes later...*
Amanda: Jenny, what should my nickname be? Penelope, physcho, Mercedies?
Jen: I think it should be 'tag girl' or 'physco something or other' and for short it would be eteher, 'physcho', or 'something', 'or other' or 'something or other'.
Amanda: okay then! I like penelope.
Jen: well i think it should be tag girl.
Amanda: but thats too long.
Jen: well fine then for short it would be 'TG' happy?

Olivia: now all i need is my little pony folder.

video Game: goose it!

Jen: yeah you drop the camoflaged lighter on a white floor you can't see it?
Amanda: It's in Paris, and Paris is in France.
Jen: you don't want a book! you want something else, but not a book...
Jen: and the word druggist just came up.
Jen: and she just wips one out!
Hailey: I'm not that blond!
Amanda: how do you turn this thing off?... oops!
Amanda: here's a man..... and here's a woman.
Jenny: sorry that just kinda came out right.
Olivia: What's L.U? i don't get it! Lou Jen?
*Jen pats Olivia's head*
Olivia: woof woof!
*Olivia takes drink of Jen's flavored water*
*Jen tries to take water away from Olivia*
Olivia: grrrrrr...
*Jen runs down hall*
*Amanda chases after her*
Amanda: I'm gonna beat you!
*Amanda runs into display case in the hall*
Amanda: Ouch!
Liv: How do I write the word that I wrote.
Jen: *shakes head* wrote!
*Watching spanish movie bout leading to the underworld. see beautiful senoties (holes that lead to under ground rivers and caves)*
Hailey: there beatiful! Hey Jen! that would be a great place to make out!! I mean it's soo beautiful!
Jen: that's all you wrote?
*Olivia pushes water bottle off desk with pen*
*water bottle falls off the desk*
Olivia: Oh No! I'm sorry water bottle!
Olivia: I started reading this side but I already read it and then I'm like... I thought I read this... no I must be physicic... wait I have read this!! So I flipped it over!!
Olivia: You can't use this pencil becuae it's out of lead and you can't use this pen because the ink is dead.
Amanda: you were just using it!
Olivia: Nuh uh! That was like, 5 minutes ago!
Livvy: There's a space there, I better make a space...
Chris: Wanna see a movie?
Hailey: No!
Chris: why not?
Hailey: I don't wanna date you!
Chris: we'll see a movie and I'll pick you up at 6
Hailey: No!
Chris: oh come on! how about the Heffalump movie?
Ben: What the hell is a Heffalump?
Olivia: Can I have another piece of paper? mine broke.
Mr. Spanish theacher, could you turn down the volume of the educational video, we're trying to have a conversation back here!
Olivia: *holds up 3 fingers* oh no! not 2 m's!
Midgit Fight!
Olivia: Umm! Hello! you wrote that upside down! Not Smart, it confuses blondies!
Livvy: I have to tell you something.
Jenny: well elabarate please!
Livvy: what?
Jenny: just... elabarate.
Livvy: huh?
Jenny: just- go on.
Livvy: well I don't know what that word means!
Jenny: well elabarate! *jokingly*
Livvy: Shut up! well, know what it means now but I didn't know what it ment before!
Olivia: Afooof! Afoooooff! 
*throws pen to Jenny*
Olivia: It's magnetic.
Jenny:  How's it magnetic?
*Jenny throws it back to Olivia*
Olivia: you can't make it magnetic! only I can!
Olivia: what does 'are lation ship work' mean?
*Jen looks at paper*
Jen: Olivia, thats a RELATIONSHIP not lation ship work!
Olivia: Ohh! I didn't think the 'ship' was attached to the 'lation' part!
Oh nuts and bolts.
Olivia: Oh nice!... thanks! you wrote the note upside down, so I got confused for, like, a second!
Olivia: I lost my train *chugga chugga chugga* of thought.
Olivia: ok... just settle down for a second... dont go all fruit-puffy on me...

Olivia reinacting Mrs. Doubtfire: Have you ever saw mrs. doubtfire? omg! that movie is so funny: "wow, something smells like burnt rubber." *looks down* "HOLY SHIT! AHHH AHHH AHHH!!!"

If a cow laughs, will milk comes out of it's nose?

Olivia: my face feels funny... i put this old people get-rid-of-wrinkles face cream on (even though i dont need it) and now my face feels like a bird crapped on my face and i forgot about it and then it dried.

Amanda: wait, there's 3 of them that look a like, how can they be triplits?

Olivia: How do you spell his last name? R-a.... uh, I don't know, lets go.
Olivia: no... yes!... no wait... yes... yes it is!... wait maybe not...
Olivia: My little pony, my little pony, ah shit! I forgot the rest!
Jenny: you peeping tom!
Kevin: don't you know anything? his name isn't Tom!
Jenny: Olivia, your hair seems less straight today.
Olivia: haha, lamo!... I don't get it.
Jenny: your hair isn't straight..... It's curly
Olivia: ohhhhh!!!
Jenny: If you want a male stripper, your going to have to go to the other side of the building.
Amanda: He didn't have a quadruple by pass, cause he had 4 of them!" (you can really tell she's the smart one, lol)
Areka: holie poop!!! these shoes make it really easy to get shocks!!! and with having a part metal desk is kinda getting painfull..
Jenny: What? interferres with my computer, and when ever i get a shock, the num lock light flashes.
Jenny: do you really?
Areka: yes, my wrist hurts! and I keep getting shocked!! grrr!and i can hear it shocking in the speakers too...its scaring me!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenny: lol! LMAO!
Olivia: I dont know what Maroon 5 would be because they're not punk rock...
Olivia: If it's this long, and this big around, then this must be how big it is.
Jen: Oh my gosh! My liver is ringing!

funny. . . I can't speak a word of Spanish. . . wait, Gravidad!