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I hate to get all mushy-gushy but this is a page of how much my friends and family mean to me cuz they're all so special!! I'm sorry if I forgot anyone cuz there is a lot of people out there that I have to give a shoutout too! but enjoy what I wrote.

Adrianne- Age your one of my bestest friends and I know that you'll always be there for me like on trips like Chicago or where ever else. you're also one of the kindest people I know, someone that doesn't talk bout someone constently behind there back and your really can keep a promise. And remember never double batch wafer cookies!

Alexa- your the best no matter what happens. you rock and you know it! even tho you won't tell me what 'lick my boot' means and you left a few mental images but the mental images will fade... I hope

Amanda-  We've known each other for 6 years, (we should be married by now LOL!) You're one of my best friends and always keep me on my toes. you have great dance moves and can be a lil wierd at times, but we all can. You've really helped me out a lot and your a great friend! 

Areka- you're weird but normal! -- oxymoron. I know I can always trust you with anything. You have the best places where to hide Brittany's water bottle lol. you're always there to find the skelitons in the closet.  I can count on you when my 'liver is ringing' or to laugh at me when I can't get the cover off my chapstick.  I'm sorry for hitting you in the head with the basketball... twice!! I'm sure by now the brusies are gone.

Betty- Betty Boop! you rock! you know what 'lick my boot' means and we can always talk bout obf lol! and talk on messenger. It's hard to imagine that we hated each other but now I set next to ya in a lot of classes and bug you... er vise versa? lol jk jk jk

Aunt Betty- Thanks so much for helping as much as you have and taking me to all the places you've taken me to. you're an awesome cook and you always get... err.. those really good tasting things that has that red filling, but the point is no matter what happens you'll always be one of the coolest aunts.

Brendan- Bren you're one of the coolest cousins I have. you're like my lil bro. I don't really know how you would find out bout what I put on here but you still rock and the next time you're over, we can play the computer game 'Sabrina' or 'Monopoly' and watch Harry Potter and if I get any more HP movies, you'll be the first to know

Bri- you rock and you know it. You're the one that has the same taste in music and other things as I do and you know almost every song that ever excisted. and you can have a crush on the wildest guys and wear 27 jelly bracelets and put on all your jewelery in 2min and 34 seconds and you will always be one of my coolest friends. I'm gonna miss you!

Brittany- you need to stop leaving the water bottle out in the open like that! and say hello to 'Jack & Bobby.' we really need to start doing something productive during study hall. and we never weht on a ride at Valley Fair did we? but we did browse the gift shops lol.

My Whole Cali Family- I love you guys! and miss you all I hope I get to see you soon after all nationals in July is in San Diego. you need to send emails more often! and when I get a calling card I'm going to call everyone and talk for hours. oh and Rhonda, It's gonna snow soon!

Hailey- you truly are a model no matter what happened before. we really need to get caught up on our airmail!! but what else is there to do during Geometry? you understand all my reasons on my nuns list; even included a few of your own.

Uncle Jeff- your the best you have helped me in so many ways with all the stuff that you have done for me and im really grateful for that. your the best uncle that a niece could ever have

Aunt Josie- miss ya! I hope I get to see you this summer. your my favorite aunt to go shopping with and we are the same size in clothes!! you always send sweet and funny emails that i enjoy reading and sometimes watching!

Kelsey- we have been really good friends for what, 9 years. and you know more about me then prolly ne one else and i love ya like a sis. and you always seem to be on messenger at all hours of the day. and there's been 9 years of inside jokes that I'm sure i never will forget.

Olivia- your just the one with all the mental images. and to pass notes to during spanish movies. what else are you supposed to do? you're always on messenger after school to talk about almost anything. and can be very blond sometimes during study hall and you have a LOT of pictures of the Gotti Hotties and most of the things on the inside jokes page are from you cuz you can make me laugh about anything!

Rhonda- I miss ya!! your one of my best cousins I have in California. I hope i get to see you soon then we can do all that cool stuff you said we'd be able to do when i get out there. I'll call ya more often now that I got a calling card

Sara- you rock! you live in one of the coolest places in the world, I think. you were always my favorite cousin when i was little and you still are. I can't wait 'till you move back to the states or untill I, hopfully, can come and visit you.

'Scruffy'- If the real 'scruffy' does happen to stumble apon this site, you won't know that this is about you. all I can say is I try really hard not to kick you in butt cuz your such a jerk (reason # 52 to become a nun) and I hope before the end of this year I will get my chance to

Scrappy- you're a great dog! even though your not my dog I love you like you were anyway. your a really smart dog since your a poodle all though you like to eat ladybugs and you bark at anyone that drives past the window.

Grandma Smick- I love ya! you've done soo much for me that no one could ever imagine. you're always there when somethinkg happens and I don't know what i would of done without you

Timm- Looking back on the past, what, year and a half? there's been ups and downs. joys and sorrow. laughter and tears. love and heartbreak. happiness and pain. the list goes on. we've been through so much and i felt so many different emotions towards you; from both ends of the spectrum. How everything got so confusing, i have no clue.  for some time i lived on the what if's, and the would could have been's; i lived in the past. While the entire time I was dying inside from the pain. I realized, I didn't want to be that girl. Not the one that pines for someone when it was never ment to be.
It's been a month and a half since the nun run and not a day goes by i dont think about what i've learned while i was on it.  It helped me realize what i want in life and in a relationship. I'm sorry I hurt you in what ever way I did. we both know it didn't have to end like it did. I look back at all that happened and realize, I don't regret any of it.  I came out stronger and learned soo much from it all. So thank you.

all you guys are the best!! I'm sorry if I forgot anyone! there is a lot more people that I have to give a shoutout to.