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This is a List made by a few of my friends (Olivia and Hailey). It's what we think girls our age should look for in a guy.

  1. Needs to be taller than you
  2. Needs to be older
  3. Has to want to go to college
  4. Needs to be hot! (in your eyes)
  5. Needs to have a car
  6. Needs to be willing to take a shower more than once a week
  7. Has to have things in common with you
  8. Can't hit on your friends
  9. Can't be your best friends ex
  10. Can't have a mullet
  11. Needs to be Rich $ :: cha-ching!! ::
  12. Can't wear more make-up than you
  13. Needs to think your sexy (in his eyes)
  14. Needs to be tall, dark, and handsome
  15. Needs to be a Sex God
  16. Has to like you for you
  17. Can't be totally obsessed with sports
  18. Has to have time for you
  19. Can NOT be a jackass
  20. Can't cheat on you
  21. Needs to be a good kisser
  22. Needs to have a hard ass!
  23. Needs to have good abs
  24. Can't have dick pierced
  25. Can't be a computer nerd
  26. Can NOT have a kid
  27. Can't do drugs
  28. Can't have a beer belly
  29. Can't be 4 years older than you (for right now)
  30. Can't use you (if he does, spread a rumor that the guy has a dick the size of a lipstick tube)
  31. Can't have multiple ear piercings
  32. Needs to have an older brother (so you can break up with hime for the brother cuz normally they are hotter...sometimes)
  33. Can't have a younger siser that you don't get along with
  34. Has to have "balls" (he can't be a wimp)
  35. Needs to be willing to fight for you
  36. Needs to be romantic or sensitive
  37. Needs to do something special for your birthday and holidays
  38. Needs to be ready to commit!
  39. Needs to respect you and your decisions
  40. You have to know his background
  41. Can NOT be bi
  42. Needs to know what he's doing in certin situations
  43. Needs to think on his feet in certin situations
  44. Can't be ex's best friend
  45. Needs to be honest
  46. Must open doors for you
  47. Must pull out a seat for you
  48. Need to call you and can't have a boring convo (if you do it's his fault!)
  49. Needs to have some kind of fashion since
  50. Can't snore loudly
  51. Can't be in trouble with the law
  52. Can't be lazy!!!
  53. Needs to be willing to par take in your hobbies
  54. Can't have lieing, annoying noise little sister(s)
  55. Has to be willing to dress up for prom
  56. Needs to make you laugh
  57. Can't have a REALLY hairy belly button that looks like a bottomless pit of hair! ewwwwww!!
  58. Can't play pocket pool in front of you
  59. Body can't be inglofed in hair! (from Adam Kloss)
  60. Needs to take a shower Nightly
  61. Can't have starred in a porno video
  62. Doesn't have the sudden urge to stuff you in a gym bag
  63. Can't have have BOXES of comdoms
  64. Doesn't need to wear a bra!
  65. Can't backstab you when he gets pissed
  66. Can't be retarded (like Curly)
  67. Has to call you and tell you what he's been up to, even if it's just to say 'hey'
  68. Has to stand out from all the other guys
  69. Has to have nice legs
  70. Has to have nice hair
  71. Has to be a really sweet guy
  72. Has to have nice sized hands.... dont ask
  73. Has to have big feet
  74. It's perfectly fine if he's scared of butterflies
  75. Has to have some sort of communication divice(s)
  76. Can't have scabbies
  77. When you take his jacket, wallet, sunglasses and tie, he can't complain about it untill he needs one or more of the items
  78. Has to be willing to change his religon so your kids can have Christmas presents! (as you can see, this is a very funny inside joke)\
  79. Has to be willing to take you on vacations of your choice
  80. Has to be a smart little cookie.... and can't like a guy named nick or like little boys like Mickeal jackson
  81. Has to have cleaning ablities (so when you're away on business the house will be kept clean)
  82. Has to be able to read and write
  83. Has to know french ( it's ok if he doesn't know, you can always teach him)
  84. Has to know how to treat a lady...
  85. .... by taking her to the Bahamas!
  86. Can't hit you or abuse you
  87. Can't cheat on you
  88. Has to at least consider you're suggestions
  89. Has to get along with at least one person in your family
  90. Has to change his underware everyday
  91. Can't drink and/or be an alcoholic
  92. Can't be confused by a tape dispenser
  93. None of the reasons to become a nun cannot aply to him (some guys are exceptions... you know who you are)
  94. Has to have sexy hairy legs, but its okay if he have sexy legs with out the hair but its not ok to have hair without the sexy legs
  95. Has to qualify for the main character in a romance novel... by Olivia Solberg... to quilify he has HAVE sexy hairy legs
  96. Has to be able to cook
  97. has to be able to use a calculator
  98. Has to be smarter than a lava lamp
  99. He has to be willing to follow you around the mall and hold your bags  without complaining about it and making a big deal, while you shop
  100. Has to be able to play poker
  101. Has to be a gentelmen
  102. Can't lie to you. (1)
  103. Can't be afraid of butterflies
  104. Can't shave his legs. If he does, thats kinda creepy
  105. Can't have REALLY hairy legs.
  106. Has to smell really good!
  107. Has to have cute boxers
  108. Has to have 'phone manners' (see 204-206 on nun list)
  109. Has to buy you stuff
  110. has to beable to play the guitar
  111. has to be REALLY sweet!!
  112. can not be a jerk (1)
  113. has to make you feel better when you're depressed
  114. has to be a sweetheart
  115. can't expect the girl to make the first move
  116. can't have a crush on any of your friends
  117. none of your friends should have a crush on him
  118. has to do special things for you. like burn a cd
  119. can't be a jerk (2)
  120. he has to try to get to know you... not with you
  121. can't think your a slut and you'll have sex with him within the first week of dating
  122. has to be really sweet to you
  123. he's gotta try to get to know your friends... even if they're not normal
  124. has to be willing to meet your family
  125. can't try to impress you by telling you low-ball lies
  126. can't lie (2)
  127. should be within age range
  128. Can't be married
  129. Can't have four kids
  130. You have to see him at least once a week
  131. and when you do see him, he should tell you how much he missed you
  132. he should call you whenever he gets the chance, even if its just to tell you he missed you.
  133. can't like any of your friends in a romantic kind of way
  134. can't be a total ditz. a little dizzy is fine, too dizzy is just a little bit annoying!
  135. can't over react on stupid things. 
  136. shouldn't laugh he's head off and a really small and stupid joke
  137. Has to be willing to take you to homecoming, even if you don't want to go
  138. your friends should be supportive of the guy you like, even if they don't like him
  139. has to be spontanious
  140. has to respect you if you don't want to flirt and 'be all over him' in public
  141. if he tells you he wants space, he has to realise, your going to give him his space!
  142. Has to be a good cuddler
  143. Must be polite
  144. Likes music
  145. has to be open, honest, and know how to communicate when something is bothering him
  146. Calls back when he says he's going to call back
  147. has to have a good memory
  148. Has to apoligize for something he did wrong or even if he hurt your feelings
  149. when your depressed, he can't make you feel worse, he should try to comfort you
  150. says that every picture of you looks good, even if it's not
  151. has to carry a picture of you around (not in a creepy stalker way)
  152. can't be concited
  153. will watch movies that you want to watch, even if he doesnt want to. and vise versa
  154. leaves sweet voicmessages on your cell phone\
  155. has to have some kind of talent. something that's resectable and doesn't go along with what everyone else's talent
  156. has to be somewhat independent
  157. has to be well read. magazines don't count!
  158. Knows some kind of pop culture
  159. He has goals, not dreams.
  160. He is an animal lover and has compassion for people.
  161. he's got to be money smart. He can't spend money on useless stuff if he doesn't need it, he has to know when to tighten the money belt when he has to
  162. can give constructive critisism. but can't tell you what to do
  163. has to get along with his family members
  164. He likes an independent lady who has her own interests, goals, and ideas and is supportive of her reaching them, as opposed to competing with her or taking no interest.
  165. Can't compete with his girlfriend who has the better so-and-so
  166. He's never been told by a girlfriend that he needs professional psychological help. If he has, he has gotten it and its been at least 5 years since he's gotten better.
  167. He would rather do the right thing than try to get away with something.
  168. he doesn't have to have the same religon of yours. he does, however, have to support your religons sides and viewpoints on conterverual issues and the two of you won't end up having a big debate about religon
  169. Has to do his own laundry... or at least know how to work the machine
  170. He listens to his inner voice and doesn't deny his real feelings.
  171. He can discuss issues and conflicts civily, even though a complete resolution may not come about.
  172. Cannot be a pathological liar!!!!
  173. Has to make up his mind on who the hell he likes!
  174. Can't be babyish
  175. Can't be all over you all the time and clingy (its cute.... but when your 7!)
  176. When he kisses you, he can't slabber all over your face
  177. Cannot lick your hand!
  178. cannot suck on your check (really gross)
  179. Can't kiss you when you don't want him to
  180. cant hit on other girls when he's pissed at you
  181. has to tell you how good you look... even when you feel like crap
  182. can't hang up on you after you tell him you love him
  183. has to talk with his tongue
  184. can't ditch you....
  185. .... to hit on other girls
  186. has to be willing to be apart of your butt collage
  187. Should care for you and show it
  188. should call when he likes you
  189. calls just to say hi
  190. has to know how to make you smile when you are down
  191. Has to stick up for you, but still respects your independence.
  192. Willing drive 5 hours just to see you for 1 (LOL hailey!!)
  193. Has to kiss you unexpectedly. it's no fun when you know what's coming ;)
  194. Has to give you dozens of reasons for you to love him!
  195. NEEDS to know Canadian National Anthem!
  196. Can't be abusive
  197. Has to buy to really good Christmas presents
  198. Can't be afraid of Canadian Geese...
  199. ..and had to protect you from them
  200. Has to be sweet and nice to you
  201. Can't call you back 2 months after you broke up to prank call you
  202. Can't leave stupid and meaningless Voicemail messages on your phone
  203. Has to want to get to know your family
  204. Can't act matcho
  205. cant drop you like a hot potato for someother girl
  206. Can't think he's right ALL the time... b/c if they do, then we want to be right just as much as he does and it ends up being a visious cycle
  207. Has to know Japanese..
  208. ... or any other foriegn language
  209. Has to be in your age range
  210. Has to have the same religion as you so no one will end up changing religions
  211. Has to belive in the church and religion he (and hopefully you) belongs to
  212. Has to go to church once a week
  213. Has to be an active member of the church
  214. Has to have faith
  215. Even if he doesn't do all of the 210-214, he should atleast support you if you do
  216. Can't be lazy
  217. Has to apply himself in everything he does and has to do
  218. Can't lead you on
  219. Has to like the same movies, books, and music
  220. Has to know what good literature
  221. Has to be well read
  222. Has to give 80% to the relationship (you to should give 80% to the relationship, that way you have 30% that you share insead of having it being 50/50
  223. Has to be willing to wait till marrage
  224. Can't own pink lip gloss
  225. Can't own lip gloss
  226. Has to call you even if it's to see how you are doing
  227. Should send you emails even if its just to say, "hey sorry i haven't emailed in awhile, i've been so busy, just emailing you to tell you im thinking of you!"
  228. Has to do sweet stuff like mentioned in #226
  229. Has to know how to tell and calculate time
  230. Has to like different kind of cearal than you so you always have plenty
  231. Has to show/tell you where the two of you stand (friend, just and only just friends, more then friend, potental boyfriend/girlfriend, friends with benifits, boyfriend/girlfriend, close together then a regular a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, almost engaged, engaged, almost married, married, almost broken up, broken up, broken up but still friends, broken up but too painful to be friends, seperated, on a break, and divorced)
  232. Has to know what you mean to him
  233. Has to know what he means to you
  234. Can't expect your live to revolve around his schedule
  235. Has to write you a note just for the sake of writing you a note
  236. when the two of you go out with friends, has to do things for you, not to show everyone else in the group
  237. Has to clean
  238. Has to be used to being in a clean house so if the house gets a lil dirty, he might clean it!!
  239. Has to like pets
  240. Has to like your pet
  241. Has to treat pets, humans, and objects with respect
  242. Can't make bold face lies
  243. Has to know proper Cell phone/phone ediquitte
  244. has to wear cologne
  245. can't try to bribe you with gifts
  246. when he gives you gifts, he can't make you feel like he's bribing you
  247. has to come up with something better than the yawn-over-the-shoulder trick
  248. has to have the capablility of carrying on a conversation with you
  249. After you two break up, he can't stalk you
  250. before you date, he couldn't of been your stalker
  251. Can NOT creep you out
  252. Can't be creepy
  253. can't talk about how 'hot' other girls are when he's around you
  254. can't tell you that your friends are cute when the two of you are on a 'date'
  255. cant be stupid
  256. when you have those moments when you come up with a question and for the life of you, cant figure out the answer, he has to be able to provide an answer that will satisfy you, even for a lil bit
  257. Can't steal stuff from you
  258. Has to do sweet stuff for you, like open doors for you
  259. when you're dressed in sweats and aren't looking your best, he has to say "you look beautiful in whatever you wear"
  260. Has to accept your obsessions
  261. Has to watch movies with you
  262. Has to be willing to go to church with you (from Jeff)
  263. Your friends cant call him a stalker
  264. can't be creepy (this is very important)
  265. has to know when you're even the slightest bit up set with him and has to know to back off
  266. Can't get in the way of what matters the most to you
  267. he cannot, i repeat, cannot be in jail and think that you still wanna talk to him
  268. Can't have a jailmate named Bubba
  269. If he cares for you, he should show it. nothing should stand in the way
  270. Sometimes you learn a thing or two from the TV show Friends....
  271. "Sometime you argue constintly only becuase you care"
  272. if you're at a youth group bowling trip in sparta, you must have an excuse why you and a guy are sitting so close to eachother
  273. has to call you when you give him your number
  274. When they call you, the conversation cant be 127.6% about him
  275. Can't have the "feel sorry for me because my life sucks" additude
  276. He cannot just decide that your his girlfriend and then not even call you or try to get a hold of you in some way, shape, or form...
  277. if his family hates you and you're un invited to holiday dinners, he should stand up for you
  278. Can't be afraid to tell you how he feels
  279. Has to stay in contact with you
  280. if you neglected to ask for contact info and name, he should pick up the slack
  281. When you're having a bad day, he has to make you feel better even if it's you seeing him, having a a basic convo, etc
  282. When youre having a bad day, he can't make you feel worse... or bring in a worser 'example' to try and make you feel better (sorry guys no kudo points for trying)
  283. Can't be afraid of being spontanious
  284. has to live by the rul of Chivelry
  285. has to take you places
  286. has to accept you want to go places




Thanks Hailey and Olivia!!