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This summary isn't that good since it's hard to explain whats going on in the show. But anyways, Gilmore Girls is one of my most favorite tv shows i think cuz it's not that complex and its just simple -- for the most part.

The Story is set in small town Connecticut where a colorful aray of interesting people. Among thos are Lorelai and Rory Gilmore --the Gilmore Girls. Lorelai had Rory when she was young but the two of them are inseprable best friends. They share a over-rated amount of coffee while living there everyday life. Rory went to a privite high school called Chiltion while woring to get into her dream college, Harverd. Her mother has an everyday kinda job running the local inn and didn't have enough money to pay for the tuiton of her daughters high school so she went to the people she hates the moste, her wealthy parents. Lorelai and her parents made a deal that Lorelai and Roy would attend frieday night dinner at there place to pay it off.
    Rory gets her first boyfriend named Dean that lasted 2 years before they broke up. Then gets her second boyfriend, Jess, but he runs to live with his dad in California. Then Rory hooks up with Dean again 2 years after the break up after he gets married and Rory is in college (she chose Yale and there was a whole episode on her desiding what college she was going to). But they end up spliting... again. 
     Lorelai has her own flings throughout the show. Later on in the show, she dates Rory's high school enlish teacher but they split too. She meets up with an old childhood friend, Jason who ends up becoming a partner in her dads company. She wants to keep the relationship a secret but his dad hiredss a privite investigator that finds that the two of them have been dating for a few months. She also has been dating Roy's father, Christipher, on and off. Now she is dating Luke, the guy who owns the local dinner where she gets her coffee. throughout the first 4 seasons, there has been some foreshadowing that lead to Luke and Lorelai dating in the 5th season. Richard and Emily, Lorelai's parents, decieded to separate and Richard moved into the pool house...just feet away.

Behind the Senes:

Lauren Graham- Lorelai Gilmore
Alexis Bledel- Rory Gilmore
Keiko Agena- Lan Kim 
Kelly Bishop- Emily Gilmore
Kirk- Sean Gunn
Edward Herrmann- Richard Gilmore
Melissa McCarthy- Sookie St. James
Jared Padalecki- Dean Forester
Scott Paterson- Luke Danes
Liz Torres- Miss Patty
Yanic Truesdale- Michel Gerard
Milo Ventimiglia- Jess Mariano
Liza Weil- Paris Geller

  • Nathan Wetherington was originally cast to play Dean, instead of Jared Padalecki. 
  • Alex Borstein was originally cast to play Sookie, instead of Mellissa McCarthy.
  • The entire town of Stars Hollow is the Warner Bros Studios backlot set called "Midwest Street" built in 1946 for the film, "Saratoga Trunk" (1946)- (a small section usually unseen on the show - behind the church - was added in the early 1990's for no particular television or film project). The residential street attached is called Kings Row and was built in 1941 (predating the town set) for the Ronald Reagan film of the same name. No new structures have been added to the backlot for the "Gilmore Girls," although the backlot set remains dressed for the show throughout the television shooting season (July through March or April).
  • The mountain often seen on the show is actually Mount Hollywood.
  • Due to the fast pace speech in the show, the average script for an episode of the show runs 75-80 pages, as opposed to 45-50 for a standard hour-long television show. During the 101st episode, a black and white movie from the 1930s is being shown. Lorelai looks at the movie and says they "talked fast" in those movies.
  • The exterior "Midwest" sets, which incorporate Stars Hollows' town square, the Gazebo, Luke's Diner and Doosey's Market are also featured prominently in the original theatrical version of The Music Man (1962), and The Dukes of Hazzard  (1979). The exterior of Lorelai's house was Uncle Jesse's house on The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • When the character Brad Langford (Adam Wylie) returns to Chilton Academy after an absence of several months, he explains that he was away playing Jack in "Into the Woods" on Broadway. Wylie really was away from the series to play Jack in the 2002 Broadway revival of "Into the Woods".
  • Lane's boyfriend, Dave (Adam Brody), left the show after his first season. To explain his absence, Lane claims that he went to university in California. Brody left the show in order to play the part of Seth in The O.C. (2003), which takes place in California.
  • The character of Jess (played by Milo Ventimiglia) was suppose to have a spin-off called "Windward Circle" which was picked up by the WB for midseason 2004, in which the character moves in with his estrange father (played by Rob Estes) from Connecticut to California. But due to the high cost of filming on location in Venice, California, the WB changed their minds and decided not to go forward with it.
  • Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) and Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) have been dating since Milo came to the show. Milo about Alexis - May 2004  "Me and Alexis, that's been completely the lightning blow. lt all happened so quickly. She is really the woman of my life, she is perfect for me, I hope to be perfect for her"
  • Lane's father lives with Lane and her mother, but never appears in the show.
  • As of the Season 5 premiere "Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller", Paris has a poster for Michael Moore's movie Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) above her desk in the common room of hers and Rory's dorm.
  • The exterior shot of "The Dragonfly Inn" is actually the home of TV's The Waltons (1972).
  • Liza Weil originally tested for the role of Rory and did not get the part, but the producers liked her so much that they wrote her the role of Paris Gellar.
  • The town of Stars Hollow is based on Washington, Connecticut. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino stayed there while on a trip with her husband to look at Mark Twain's wallpaper
  • The character of diner owner Luke was originally developed as a woman.
  • Logan's very wealthy family runs a venerable publishing empire. Their last name, Huntzberger, is a reference to the Sulzberger family, who have owned The New York Times since Arthur Hays Sulzberger succeeded his father-in-law Adolph S. Ochs as publisher in 1935.
  • The exterior shots of the girls' home and the foyer and hallway are all filmed on the outdoor set, while nearly all of the interior house scenes are filmed across the studio back lot in a sound stage, where the entire first floor of the home is built to scale.