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This is just some British terms that they say. I found these in books and on the web. If you wanna know somemore of them you could always ask Olivia! lol.

 Arse- the butt
Agony Aunt- An advice columnist like ‘Dear Abby’
Bangers- firecrackers that just make a bang
Bangers & mash- sausage and potatoes
Berk- idiot, moron, stupid
Bitter- beer
Bloke- a guy
Bloody- an expression sometimes used when a person is mad
Blodge- Short for Biology class
Bollocks- a guys… ‘Special Place’
Bonnet- the hood of a car
Boot- the trunk of a car
Borstal- like juvy hall for boys
Briefy- Briefcase
Bugger- like a swear word
Bum- butt
Burke idiot, moron
Cheers- "Goodbye"
Chips- Frenchfries
Colonies- U.S.
Come a cropper- when you fall down
Crack- a woman
Cricket- It’s a game that the Brits play. Don’t really know what it’s about
Crumpet- cookie that is usually eaten at tea time
Cuppa- cup of tea – to go with the crumpet
Daft- stupid, dumb, moronic, idiotic
Dicey- risky, iffy, unsure
Dodgy- unsure, iffy, dicey,
Doing the Paper work- rolling a joint, going to the bathroom, doing the taxes Dole- Welfare
Double cool with knobs- a word meaning really really really cool
Duffing up- a catfight or an argument between 2 girls
Dump- needs to use the bathroom for a no. 2
Dummy- pacifier
Fag- cigarette
Fancy-dress party- costume party
Fanny- a girls butt
Fife- butt, arse, Bum
Fit- a nice looking woman
Flogged- drunk
Football- soccer
Fortnight- two weeks -- if some of ya had Mrs. Bratz in the 2nd grade you’d member her talking about it
French Septic- Someone from Canada
Frenchie- – If only I could remember whose nickname that is…. Lol jk
Fringe- Bangs
Froggie- French class
Gaffer- a boss
Games- Sports
Geezer- an old guy
Geoggers- Geography class
Glandular Fever-
Mono—kissing decease
Gorgey- Gorgeous
Hair Grip- Bobby Pin
Hole in the wall- ATM machine
Holiday- vacation
Jimjams- Pajamas
Joggerbums- shorts you jog in
Knickers- underwear
Lead- a leash
Lift elevator
Loo- bathroom
Lunck- Lunch
- Love
Mate- friend
Maths- Short for mathematics
Meat & two veg-
Milk Tray- Box of chocolates
Mum- mom
Naff- not worth much, out of fashion
Naff off- get away from me! or replace 'naff' with a bad 'f' word and it might make since
Nappy- Dipper
Nutter- A crazy person – Bri calls me that… a lot lol
Nuddy-pants- when you don’t have anything on
Pants- a guys underwear
Petrol- gas
Pips- Pay phone cuz when you need to put more money in, instead of a mean ole lady it makes a pip pip pip noise – how lucky
Pissed- drunk
Piss off- go away
Pisser- funny
Plastered- drunk
Playschool- daycare
Ponce- a person acting better then what they are – sounds really familiar
Pond Robber- Frenchman
Poofter- a gay guy
Prat- fool, idiot, moron
Pub- a bar
Pushchair- stroller
Rat arsed-drunk
Ratted- drunk
Rave- party
Ring- to call someone
Roll neck- Turtleneck
Row- Argument
Rotten- good – doesn’t really make sense when you think about it
Rucksack- Backpack
Sausage Jockey- a gay person – ha ha the Express!
Shag- To..... uhhhh.... member Austin Powers?
Shopping trolley- Shopping Cart – hehe those are a nice lil invention so ya don’t have to hold everything ;)
Smeg- Junk
Snogging- kissing
Snogging Scale-
  1. Holding hands
  2. Arm around shoulder
  3. Good-night kiss
  4. Kiss over 3 minutes without a breath
  5. Open mouth kiss
  6. Tongues
  7. Upper body fondling outdoors
  8. Upper body fondling indoors
  9. Below waist activity
  10. The full Monty

Spot- pimple, zit
Straight away- right now
Swiz- something that is unfair
Taking the piss- joking around
Torch- a flashlight
Tosser- an idiot
Tosspot- stupid
Trainers- Running shoes
Transit- like a taxi
TTFN- ta ta for now
Twonk- idiot
Wally- stupid person
wally check- someone who makes sure that no one is stupid enough to leave anything behind
Yank- someone from the U.S.