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Charmed is one of my favorite TV shows on televison. This is just a summary of it and why I like it!

     Charmed is about three sisters that are witches not the kind with pointy hats but the kind that save people from demons (bad people). The series starts out when the youngest sister, Pheobe, moves back to San Francisco and moves in with her other two sisters, Prue who is the oldest and Piper who is the middle sister. Pheobe heads up to the attic after the sprite board spells out 'attic' she finds the 'book of shadows' and reads the first spell in there that gives each of the sisters one power to fight evil. Prue can move things with her mind (aka telicaisis), Piper can freeze time and Pheobe can see the future.

      Later on in the seires, Prue dies and the two remaining sisters find out they have a half sister Pagie (hmm another P imagine that) and since she is half whitelighter and half witch she can orb things to different places. the sisters also have a whitelighter who is like an angel. he heels wounds, can orb -- move-- from one place to another kinda in a blink of an eye and he can do a lot more. Piper and Leo end up getting married and having two kids, Wyatt and Chris. Pheobe ends up marrying a demon who then becomes the sorce of all evil and the sisters end up disposing them. Prue never gets married by her own will but is tricked into marrying a demon but gets out of it. Paige so far hasn't got married or had any kids but there's always more shows!!

     The show may seem complex but once you see it you understand it more. But the show is basicly about good versus evil and the most powerfull sorce of good, the charmed ones, trying to live as normal lives as they can while saving the world.

     This is one of my favorite shows because its so full of drama with a little bit of action in the process. the carictures are people you can relate to-- minus the powers. a person can ecape from everyday life and watch something that probably will not happen in real life. It's soo hard to explain why its my favorite show but watch it and you'll see why. The new episodes come on Sunday at 8/7c on the WB and reruns on TNT at 5 o'clock central monday through friday.
Behind the senes: This does NOT give away what's going to happen on upcoming epesodes!! just mostly about the actors and actresses!

Prue Halliwell- Shannen Doherty
Piper Halliwell- Holly Marie Combs
Pheobe Halliwell- Alyssa Milano
Paige Matthews- Rose McGowan
Leo Wyatt- Brian Krause
Darryl Morris- Dorian Gregory
Chris Halliwell- Drew Fuller
Cole Turner- Julian McMahon
Angent Brody- Karis Bryant
  • the cars on the show are changed every season to go along with the years.
  • Pheobe's power to levitate was taking off the show because of buget changes but yet they increased the buget for the wardrobe...hmm...
  • some of the actors and actresses get up at about 4 in the morning to make it in time to get to their Los Angles Studio.
  • the cars on the show are rented for amount of time that can cost about $30,000 a year. couldn't they just buy the car then sell it for a lot more money since it would be the actual car from the show??
  • Holly gets $270,000 an episode and Alyssa gets $127,000 and episode no idea how much the other actors make.
  • Holly just had a baby! and she was pregnent in real life while on the show she was pregnent with baby Chris.
  • the clothes are saved 15 days after they finish shooting an episode just incase they have to reshoot.
  • Rose once dated Maralin Manson.
  • the props used often change since things get busted due to stunts and buget costs also since the set has been moved to a different location.
  • rumors have it that Shannen is supposed to be on two episodes, according to her manger, but thats also what they said last season.
  • I also heard that the little boy who plays wyatt is supposed to be Brain or Holly's real son. I think it's Brain's but I'm not sure.
  • the complete first season is coming out Feb. 7th! perfect for a Charmed fan! Hint hint.. ;-)