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Top reasons to become a nun... because of men. I have a real list of reasons to be a nun and men are one of them. But this was created by me and some of my friends and our experiances. I'm sure there is a lot more reasons out there, these are a few of them.

  1. It's Gods' calling
  2. Ronald McDonald was cheating on me with one of my best friends.
  3. Predro who worked at the Farris Wheel at Valley Fair.... "my psychiatrist told me not to talk to people like you".... "why you can't talk to me?"
  4. Matt Ketchum... plz don't ask... and no its not Ketchup
  5. Lincoln... code name: '16th presadant' not the actuale guy
  6. The guy in the McDonald's Play Place
  7. Paul Hamm
  8. Kelsey & James's breakup
  9. 'T-Bone'
  10. Men Whine... some of them
  11. the guy at the Express... he reminded me of someone...
  12. a guy who has yet to recieve a code name.. cuz i never told any one!... yet
  13. you fall madly in love, then he tells you he is gay
  14. Men can't cook
  15. Men are absist with sports
  16. men end up cheating on you
  17. Dan, the Security Guy
  18. the other Security Guy
  19. Mental images... WAY too many of them!
  20. men are most likly to do a crime... have you ever seen a nun camiting a crime?
  21. some men can be really creepy
  22. men can act alot like there age... sadly its the age of a 5 year old
  23. one word... transfestites
  24. shoes ... I don't get that
  25. men smell... some do smell good so I have to give kudos to the men out there that smell good!
  26. men can't think for them self
  27. men have hairy belly buttons... some are like a black whole of hair like it never ends!
  28. the good guys are usually taken
  29. How Curly treated Jessica
  30. How Curly asked every girl out in our grade
  31. Men are afraid of Comitment
  32. most  men should go back the the planet they came from
  33. men are to simple to understand girls 
  34. some men are bad kissers
  35. men have bad breath
  36. bad break ups
  37. men can be rude
  38. once the two of ya break up, before you know it, he's got another girlfriend!
  39. Men are more likly to cheat on you
  40. If you become a nun, you don't have to be hearing about sex 24/7
  41. the guy that you REALLY like moves away before you can tell him that you REALLY like him
  42. you tell a guy that you like him and he says that he has a girlfriend
  43. they expect you to cook and clean and do all the housework while they do nothing
  44. they say girls spend too much money
  45. Men lie
  46. some men are really stupid
  47. when they get sick, they expect the girlfriend to act like a maid and take care of them but when the girlfriend gets sick there well enough to clean the house
  48. some men want.....uhhhh..... how can I put it...... they.... well... I hope you know what I'm talking about cuz idk how else to say it!
  49. that fealing that you can't discribe that you feel whenever your around a guy you like and its an ok feeling but at the same time you can't stand it
  50. they remind you of your six year old cousin
  51. Men don't have much of a life
  52. (my favorite) Men Suck
  53. Men are jerks
  54. they think they no everything but they really don't
  55. Sticky Buns lol
  56. TV seems to be more important
  57. there are REALLY mean guys out there taht can be abusive
  58. they say they are gonna call but when they do call, its about 3 hours later
  59. they can be very brain dead on sertain subjects
  60. a very simple thing like a pen confuses them
  61. Potato Rice... Don't ask
  62. expereances... like once i saw this guy blew his nose in a kleenex and then he looked at it for like 3 minutes!!! thats discusting!!!
  63. gym..... big yellow ball.....
  64. this is a little far fetched, but homecoming night... if there are guys out there that like that then i think its a good enough of a reason
  65. Jase treating Olivia like crap
  66. some smell bad then they hug you and make you smell bad
  67. when guys say "I don't know, I have to think about that" *cough* 'Guss' *cough*
  68. Government funding
  69. free donuts (inside joke)
  70. invasive plan number 4
  71. Defence meconisum number 3
  72. guy who asked all girls to prom
  73. the "guy who asked all girls to prom's" friend
  74. they loose there damn cell phone and go on vacation when you really really need to talk to them!
  75. men can mess with your mind
  76. Strawberry-kiwi water in Hawiian Punch
  77. Clock worshipers?!!
  78. english muffins
  79. other experances...
  80. telephones
  81. the questions that Amanda has been asking Mr. Giese
  82. complex questions
  83. Pac Man
  84. Men are like twix bars
  85. men who have a 'prince elbert'
  86. they try to stuff you in a gym bag
  87. when your best friend likes the guy you have a huge crush on and he likes your best friend back
  88. guys are blind to emotions
  89. friends don't care enough, ever
  90. men don't understand you have have to literaly give them a word bank just so they can fill in the blanks!
  91. he never calls back when he says he will
  92. Buttered Popcorn
  93. when you tell him something really important and is on your mind, he says 'cool'
  94. how Mitch drooped Olivia like a hot potato
  95. you've been really good friends w/ a guy then date but late break-up then when you realize you still like him, he's got a girlfriend
  96. chocolate doesn't do anything when you're depressed!!!
  97. Water doesn't help either
  98. they just don't seem to use a camera! you ask for a pic but they say they never have one! hasn't men ever heard of a camera?
  99. Men are shallow! It's soo unbeleaveable! for one thing they think that girls worship him or something!! you just have the sudden erge to smake them.
  100. They don't know understand the line between leading a girl on and actually liking them... just not in "that sorta way."
  101. when you're all depressed because of a guy so you go to add a few more reasons to become a nun, and the really creepy part is, a poem comes up and it discribes everything you're going thru at that moment
  102. you have no clue why the word love is hilighted... and you have no clue how to un-light it...
  103. the guy you seems like the "right one" for you, doesn't see you as the "right one" for him
  104. You don't want to ask a guy if he likes you because he has a girlfriend, your friend is pushing you to tell him, then once you do, you tell your friend what he said, then she asks why you asked him when he had a girlfriend!
  105. your reasons to become a nun come back to hunt you...
  106. you really should tell him the reason behind something but you cant because of other obsticales in the way and you have to be ready to tell him
  107. there is soooo many obsticales in the way of everything
  108. you're runnign out of topics to change the subject
  109. you can't control what you are feeling
  110. It's sooo difficalt what you're going thru
  111. you are sick of playing these games b/c there are obsticales in the way
  112. you cant get over a guy... no matter what
  113. you dont know where you stand
  114. mixed amotions
  115. you get confused
  116. you're afraid of losing one of your best friends just because you're just not ready to tell him something
  117. it doesn't feel right to keep information but you know it's the right thing to do for the time being
  118. COMMUNICATION! what kind of relationship do you really have if you don't talk to each other? if you have boring conversation, not good! if there is a problem between the two of you, talk! you hear that guys?
  120. you try to guess who he likes because he won't come flat out and tell you. So you are guessing fro about 2 hours and he gives you a hint but then once you go on the net and unscramble the letters you realize the words were spelt backwards.
  121. you feel really bad because of something really stupid you did
  122. Summer isn't here fast enough
  123. Maroon 5
  124. Music downloads
  125. Different time zones seems very very far away
  126. short memory spands
  127. The what to look for in a guy list
  128. men can be a little too jealous, a bit jealous is fine, but not too much
  129. boxers or briefs?... that is the question
  130. when his telephone is disconnected
  131. Scruffy..... funny I didn't put him on here sooner... wait, did I?
  132. cell phones
  133. pictures
  134. Men are confusing!
  135. talking to him for hours just doesn't seem long enough.
  136. he doesn't know he's gonning to change his religon so your kids can have christmas presents (from Livvy)
  137. sometimes you just have to run away from a situation
  138. holy ball-less birdies! (inside joke)
  139. Inside Jokes!
  140. The Horse
  141. The big red van
  142. they jack off when you're on the phone with them and they expect you to do something too
  143. if the guy you like really does end up becoming a Priest, why not become a nun?
  144. You think he is your Knight in shining Armor, but he's not the one behind the metal Armor
  145. Turtle
  146. The guys out there that rip your heart out and do the mexican hat dance on it
  147. You really really really really miss the guy you like. (yes, I know, I already have this reason on here, but its really important!)
  148. a person you consider your friend says the guy you like hates you, becuse she's jealous (as you can see, we have a lot of drama in our school)
  149. a person who considers you a friend, sends letters to the guy you like when she knows you like him and he likes you, and she tries to take him away from you.
  150. You like one of your guy friends but you don't wanna do anything about it because it might ruin the friendship.
  151. Some guys are afraid of butterflies.
  152. you don't have to feel the pain of a bad breakup
  153. They get you confused!
  154. He has a annoying younger sister that you have to babysit and is a pain in the butt, but the real reason you're watching her, is because you get to see her older brother
  155. There's 3 paths.... and your two of them
  156. Stress
  157. Stress that your best friend is going thru and you feel it to because you know it has something to do with you
  158. Brokenhearts
  159. Kiss, Tell, and Argue
  160. emails
  161. anger
  162. small about of Jealousy
  163. Insanity
  164. Chicago
  165. pop-ups
  166. Music
  167. When one of your best friends moves away
  168. your exboyfriend see's you in your bra when he's coming up the driveway on his motorcycle and almost crashed.... to bad he didn't
  169. online releationships gone bad
  170. he's dating a girl, but has a nother girlfriend that does "stuff" to him in the park..... ew
  171. San Diego    
  172. Charlie
  173. When a guy knows a girl likes him, but says she doesn't show it
  174. When a guy likes you, but doesn't show it, when you know he likes you
  175. they're afraid of getting close to someone
  176. Nuns in india
  177. Priests in india
  178. Msn Messenger
  179. msn messenger screen names
  180. Yellow Boxers
  181. 5 freaking reasons!!!!!
  182. "the hardest thing to do is to be next to someone, and know you can't have them"
  183. some men don't even know where thorp is.... and have to use mapquest.
  184. "hey, free dummy"
  185. Men change everything
  186. Storms
  187. Phone Call... then no phone calls (this one's for Bri)
  188. you can't help but worry about a guy
  189. Jewish school
  190. a guy moving away..... for the second time!!
  191. 22 year old Justins
  192. Talo
  193. When you like someone, but his younger sister doesn't like you and sets up one of her friends with him.
  194. Phone Bills
  195. Crabby Men
  196. Getting pregant way too young!! (this one does NOT, I repeat does NOT pretain to me)
  197. Purity
  198. Braces
  199. Hookers
  200. Shallow Guys
  201. Vagueness
  202. Awkwardness
  203. Men smell really good!.. too good!!
  204. tons of people leaving voice messeges and being upset that you didn't answer your phone!
  205. when people call you, but don't talk to you. they're talking to everone around them
  206. they call you, have to let you go for whatever reason they have, but you're supposed to call them back
  207. the stuation: he don't want to ask me out b/c hes the hired man. Advise... I hope he gets there before the pizza guy.
  208. mitch sucks
  209. mitch sucks even more
  210. since Olivia has a lil bodyguard, mitch sucks!
  211. Why do men get to pick the engagement rings?
  212. Even tho you're mostly over a guy, it still hurts that he's dating your best friend.
  213. men are conceited
  214. you've been 'hinting' about something when in reality you could careless about that something
  215. when you have a major crush on a complete ass but can't stop liking him
  216. when a lot of your friends like the same guy you did, for just as long, but didn't know until about a year later.
  217. when a guy expects you to be pissed about something, but your not
  218. "pepsi"
  219. When the open and honest relationship doesn't exist anymore
  220. Derrek treating Stephanie like crap
  221. the heartache
  222. confusion created because of a guy
  223. he's married and has 4 kids
  224. he's single but too old
  225. when you have to fight back the desire to strangle the living crap out of a guy
  226. the feeling of betrail
  227. pathological liars
  228. when you see a guy as sweet and innocent, then get to know them and realize you were wrong
  229. all the jackasses out there
  230. jealousy
  231. Felonies
  232. one phone call can change your whole perspective of how you thought you felt- or should of felt
  233. men that can't stop talking to about themselves!
  234. when a guy, is sweet to a girl, gives her his sweater, and lays on top of her, its not considered 'leading on'
  235. the confusion created when your being pulled back and forth from liking a guy to not liking him.
  236. when you messed up and want to forget what happened but you really can't because there's other people involved.
  237. when a guy likes you, then likes your best friend, then likes you again!
  238. when a guys intentions are unclear
  239. When he's perfect for all the wrong reasons
  240. it just didn't work out
  241. Chris
  242. 'Farm Boy"
  243. Shane's Jeff (lol)
  244. Jeff
  245. Medical Doctors
  246. A guy breaks up with you after he says you were flirting with his cousin (which you weren't) when in reality, he was flirting with all these girls
  247. sometimes you just have to find a really bad guy, to meet a sweetheart
  248. Men create too much DRAMA!
  249. you have to wait TWO weeks to see your guy
  250. Love can't wait... but sometimes it has to
  251. when he's twice your age
  252. Men's terible mood swings
  253. when you meet the most concided guy in the intire world
  254. One of them is lying to you
  255. being part of a love... petagon
  256. men lie to themselves
  257. its not pornography, its more like.....drugography
  258. pornography
  259. typing over 70 reasons to your list, and then having to type them ALL over again b/c it didn't save!
  260. nutlikers (from livvy)
  261. they stick their nose into your business
  262. they're always right
  263. when they say thinks like, "you don't undersand what im saying" or "Do you get what im saying?" its soo annoying
  264. he can't keep playing games like this anymore
  265. when they call you and the two of you talk about nothing
  266. when you have to resort to talking about the wether because no one is talking
  267. great way to change the subject: talk about the weather
  268. when they ask you a question, then you give them your answer, but they don't believe you
  269. when a guy makes George Bush look smart
  270. when they lie about playing the guitar
  271. when you like a guy and he likes you... along with 3 of your bestfriends
  272. when 3 of your best friends like the guy you like
  273. when all your problems are because of one guy
  274. when he apologizes then cant come up with why he's sorry
  275. when your stuck in the middle of the situation and he says you should be in the situation
  276. the night after the Homecoming game Sophomore year
  277. talking in your sleep
  278. when a guy lies about what you were talking about in your sleep
  279. Michel Jackson
  280. major ass kissers
  281. he's soo confused, he doesn't even know what he wants
  282. when he likes you on 'some level'
  283. "i like you... but i also like your best friend"
  284. when he's being a jackass towards you but likes you 'on some level'
  285. you may have stabbed him in the back, but he stabbed you in the heart
  286. you cant go back in time and make everything right again
  287. when everything was perfectly fine, then changes
  288. when your world suddenly spins off its axis
  289. when a guy says they love you when they prolly doesn't know what 'love' means
  290. when you need time to think about the situation you got yourself in
  291. when a guy is soo stubbern to see something thats infront of his face 
  292. 'the tongue'
  293. when he had all the oppertunity to ask you out, but didn't. now you pulled yourself out of the mix, he wishs he had the opertunity back
  294. he tries to make you feel better but he doesn't
  295. he's gotta choose
  296. they don't like the same music as you do
  297. when he leads girls on just so he can figure out what he wants
  298. Brothers
  299. he wouldn't know good advise if it came up and knocked him on his ass
  300. he doesn't apoplgize when it matters
  301. they call you at all hours of the night
  302. when they think they're sooo hard to figure out, when really they're not
  303. Gay marrages
  304. when he has hurt you and your friends over and over again
  305. the blackhole theory
  306. when you're so pissed you laugh soo hard you start to cry
  307. when your ENTIRE nuns list is based on ONE guy
  308. when you're so pissed at them you start the shake 
  309. when your fingers hurt cuz you're pissed off and typing too much b/c your pissed off
  310. when they say they're gonna call back in 'a minute' and 2 days later they just decide to call back
  311. when they use you for a good time...
  312. ... and for a neat story to tell their friends
  313. Hearing stories about your brother and what he was doing with one of your friends
  314. they call you and interrupt your conversations and searching to tell you stupid stuff you already knew a month ago
  315. they make you waste your phone bill to call them and tell you stupid shit you already know 
  316. he's got charm
  317. Officer Hotlz
  318. they lie just to make themselves sound better
  319. Hairstyles
  320. they don't think about how their actions will affect others
  321. when you give them advice, they don't take it, but end up wishing they did
  322. nose pickers
  323. wedgy pickers
  324. the way they talk
  325. when the guy who was supposed to break you out of the mental istitution to run off the canada hasn't come to rescue you yet
  326. Some men don't know the Canadian Anthem
  327. talking in your sleep
  328. they lie about what you were talking about while you were sleeping
  329. when they apologize but when asked what they did wrong, they cant think of anyhting
  330. you made a huge mistake and could of had a good thing, but you don't, and you cant change time
  331. you never realize how much you mean to one person
  332. history repeats its self, some men don't learn there lesson from the past
  333. He made out with your best friend
  334. he was getting cozy with your other best friend
  335. you need time to think but no one's giving it to you
  336. you don't know how much a person means to you.... untill they make out with your best friend
  337. It's like a bad break up, but before the dating even started
  338. you want a nun/priest list war? we'll have a war!
  339. not all the stuff on this nuns list has to do with one person
  340. he get's drunk and cheats on you after you two dated for a month
  341. It's inevitable for every girl to find at least one jackass, if you didn't, consider yourself one hell of a lucky s.o.b.
  342. when the only thing that serates you and your best friends is hair color
  343. 'sleeping' on the bus ride home from the Stout leadership conference
  344. hey, I'm a girl, I can make mistakes too!!
  345. When a guy likes a girl, why play the games?
  346. when you have a HUGE door of oppertunity but you don't want to use it until you realize its not there anymore
  347. don't hint around to me, i don't quite catch on all the time
  348. Timm's "Reasons to be a Rabbi" List
  349. love scares me
  350. Men aren't completly dumb
  351. contacts
  352. I hate to be concited, but when you think his voicemail message and other small things are about you (refer to #  347)
  353. number 108 and number 109 on another list
  354. boner?!! where'd that come from!? (sorry, that sounds wrong, but it's the least perverted one i could come up with)
  355. stupid cell phones
  356. when a guy totally sticks his finger up his nose, then stares at his findings
  357. When all you want is to be with the one you like, but it's not as simple as that...
  358. ... and that's all you want
  359. "I'll go fishing"
  360. The guy you like lives 2 hours away
  361. The guy you like you can only see him every other week
  362. Men should talk more about what they're feeling. I'd like to think of girls being mindreaders, but we're not
  363. Men should communicate more
  364. If he likes you, he should call you!... not always the case
  365. ..."it just.. dissapeared!"
  366. brass kissers... oops! i mean brass players
  367. when you hurt a guy and you feel really bad about it
  368. women are not blind. dispite the dark glasses, we do NOT carry the silver canes!!!
  369. Maybe the fact that he 'reverted to my friends' is what hurt the most
  370. when the one you really like, who used to really like you, starts to slip away
  371. he's moving away... AGAIN!
  372. dont set yourself on fire
  373. when you miss a guy and he's not even gone.
  374. you made a few mistakes and missed many oppertunities and you'd give anything to go back and fix it and make it all right
  375. mediforical stab wounds
  376. babysitting 11 kids makes you not wanna have any kids!!
  377. I do not want kids anyways
  378. you can always become a nun, teach at a catholic school, and be the editor of the school news paper
  379. Men don't know the difference between a convent and a monestary. a convent is for nuns (ie women) and a monestary is for monks (ie men)
  380. thinking on the same wave length scares you a lil bit
  381. After you’ve been repeatedly hurt, it’s time to start taking notes
  382. when you think it might be the end, it really is the end
  383. you miss the way he once was
  384. When you call him and he says that he cant talk but you should call back at so and so time. Wait, isn't he the one that should call you back? it's his fault he can't talk!
  385. he's too loveable
  386. your friends like him because he's lovable
  387. you can't get mad at him because he's too lovable
  388. your heart tells you one thing, and your mind tells you another
  389. it's inevitable that your heart will be broken
  390. horoscopes suck
  391. John Mayer songs
  392. he cheats on you not once, but TWO times
  393. eyeliner
  394. the hassle of mak-up and fixing hair and all that kinda stuff
  395. burnt brownies
  396. burn mark from the brownies
  397. UW Stout
  398. Mr. Remus' penguin pen
  399. FCCLA Conventions
  400. close to the flame
  401. Stacy's mom
  402. lava lamp
  403. St. John's Choir
  404. fear of spiders
  405. He always has right, but clams that you're exactly like that
  406. when all a guy talks about is himself. it means you could careless about a girl.
  407. different religions
  408. the clay turtle i made in Art (broke 3 times in 3 idfferent places
  409. Globlizing
  410. singing
  411. Magic tape
  412. my ghetto computer microphone
  413. too many numbers
  414. Geometry
  415. mr. walicks stupid grading system
  416. lava lamps
  417. cd burners
  418. M&M's
  419. dancing
  420. no matter what, you can always come back to reason # 52
  421. music lists
  422. 2005 fall festival
  423. Scary movies 
  424. mixed up ears
  425. it smells like christmas... in October
  426. when a guy smells really good and it drives you crazy
  427. James from Sylvan
  428. Geometry: there's no point behind it
  429. the #1 hit music that suddenly become really annoying
  430. when your favorite song then becomes a constant reminder of what you once felt
  431. when people mispronunce words!
  432. miss using proper English
  433. When ppl think they're better then you
  434. when he dumped you for another guy
  435. he didn't tell you who the last person he dated was and you think it's b/c he dated a guy (from Amanda)
  436. weird absession of cleaning toilets
  437. weird obsession of writing bibliography
  438. violins in a punk-rock song
  439. it's a crazy, mixed up world out there!
  440. they have music in convents, don't they?
  441. when some men kiss they slabber all over your face
  442. Almost deleting half your list... 4 times
  443. MSN messenger conversations
  444. that STUPID Iraq War
  445. Law & Order
  446. the Movie, Remember the Titians
  447. Needles
  448. Getting Shots
  449. Whiteboards
  450. bubbles
  451. Quiz Bowl Questions
  452. Home sickness
  453. Missing the opertunity to go to Kalahari... Twice
  454. Going to Kentucky
  455. Singing Jingle Bells all year 'round
  456. Hard work and dedication
  457. the feeling of being nervous
  458. Never worring about seeing movies
  459. Never seeing classic movies like Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, and the Godfather
  460. Computers being possessed
  461. Winter is bad for driving
  462. Men are consited
  463. Escaping from a mental institution to run to canada
  464. Men are vaccumes
  465. when you can't talk to a guy b/c you promised a friend
  466. when did love get so... confusing!?
  467. Safty pins
  468. Marie wanting to cry
  469. Burger King
  470. Deep Breaths don't work
  471. depression is way too hard to go through just because of a guy
  472. the signs of joining a convent are all over
  473. If a guy lies to you, even if its a small one, how are you supposed to trust him?
  474. Throwing a cell phone at an electrical fence
  475. Everything was alot better before North Carolina
  476. When you feel a sudden yank on your heart strings
  477. skinned knees are harder to fix then broken hearts
  478. When the one that always seems to have all the answers, is the one that has the problem
  479. Caller ID's
  480. Arguments with friends over stupid things
  481. you don't want to leave high school becasuse you probably won't see any of your high school friends anymore
  482. love doesn't always workout as you plan it to be
  483. sometimes your worst enemy used to be your best friend
  484. Whoes Line is it Anyway?
  485. Forgin countries
  486. whats the point of having an audio conversation when you have to type most of your stuff!?
  487. MSN Display pictures
  488. I think I love Google more then men
  489. Google.... its just a fun word to say
  490. Schotch tape isn't just for rapping presents
  491. They like supermodels. And they tell us they do.
  492. They make fun of our upper-body strength.
  493. abortions
  494. they refuse to ask for dircections
  495. manly men? HAHA! now that is funny!
  496. long distance relationships that really aren't long distance
  497. dumb California laws
  498. Stupid computers
  499. hunting
  500. all the decent men are taken
  501. they mess with your mind
  502. Alcohlics
  503. Being 15 years old, and seeing Peter Pan for the first time
  504. lyrics that discribe how you feel at that given moment
  505. Men are worse then evil (see proof below)
  506. Pat Sayack and Vanna White
  507. corn mazes
  508. guys in corn mazes that have too much colone on
  509. stupid arguements
  510. you're so full of hate b/c you like him so much
  511. when a friend takes stuff off your site and others
  512. when a friend invites themself into an inside joke that has nothing to do with them
  513. the reason why you made up a nuns list is b/c you're getting sick of having your heart ripped out repittedly...
  514. ...and a friend fails to realize that
  515. you now regret a lot of reasons on your nuns list
  516. "i told you so moments"
  517. you just added a new word to your vocabulary: cocky
  518. Stupid John Mayer songs! he knows what im feeling
  519. I tried apologizing twice! nuh-uh, not doing it again. It doesn't make anything better
  520. you really like a guy, but you get upset b/c you know thats as fare as it will get; likinging him from a distance
  521. your friend can't get their own life so has to copy all their other friends
  522. The book, The Godfather
  523. sherlock holmes
  524. you're practicly bending over backwards
  525. you're killing me soo much and in so many different ways, i just cant stand it anymore
  526. bag of worms
  527. it sucks,everything has to stay the same
  528. Rude telephone conversations (not nessesarly to the one on the other line, but also to the people around the other person)
  529. Just plan rudeness
  530. Stupid conversations
  531. Breadstick conversation
  532. he says he's going to ask you out, but jumps to your best friend
  533. he cant trust me? well i can't trust him
  534. one of your best friends is ruining friendships b/c of some guy.
  535. 'Will & Grace'
  536. Making out with my best friend and cudling up with another one of my best friends might not of ment something to you, but it did to me
  537. How do things end up getting hi-lighted on this list?
  538. When people steal stuff from your site and clame it as theirs
  539. Songs about warts
  540. Some men don't know Borders is a bookstore
  541. National Men are Stupid Day is November 16
  542. Men are confusing! whether they admit it or not
  543. "the look"
  544. racoon hunting... during the day
  545. he likes you, but he doesn't ask you out. why do men do this? it drives us girls crazy! and its not just me this has happened to, it also happened with 3 of my other friends!
  546. Maroon 5
  547. People taking stuff from other peoples sites and claming it at their own
  548. Arguements because people copy other people
  549. Nun Run
  550. They think they know whats going on inside a girls head and think they have everything about her figured you, well, guess what? they don't.
  551. When I say things like "men suck, men are jerks, men are stupid" i mean men in genral, im not aiming it at one spacific person.
  552. You can say I hurt you, b/c I'm sure I did. but nothing, I mean nothing comes close to the plain you inflicted on me.
  553. not being able to understand horoscopes
  554. boys are just dumb!
  555. they where too much cologne that it burns your nose
  556. Black Navy Boots
  557. Japan
  558. Trying to learn Japanese
  559. Men are shallow
  560. Do men ever stop talking?
  561. they think about themselves... a lot
  562. Stupid.... flipping cell phones!!
  563. the two of you are just friends but yet he's telling people the two of you are dating
  564. It's not my fault i broke your heart, its your fault you pushed me away
  565. We both know it wouldn't work out.... im sad to say, I'm moving on
  566. Sometimes, all you feel is anger
  567. Lie
  568. Cheat
  569. Only think of sex
  570. Refuse to ask for directions
  571. Flip channels with the remote when you're trying to watch something
  572. Leave you to do all the housework
  573. Leave you to take care of the baby
  574. Act like idiots when they get around their friends
  575. Act like kids
  576. Leave the toilet seat up
  577. Pee all over the bathroom
  578. Lazy
  579. Watch too many sports and ignore you while they're on
  580. Always want to go see action movies and never the romantic ones
  581. Try to tell you what to do
  582. Don't take "No" for an answer
  583. Insensitive
  584. Look at porn
  585. Act like babies when they are sick
  586. Don't listen
  587. Don't communicate well
  588. Never want to talk about their feelings or the relationship
  589. Act macho
  590. Can wear the same pair of underwear or socks for a week and not care
  591. Burp, fart, and then laugh about it
  592. Leave their dirty clothes all over the house
  593. Scratch themselves in public
  594. Be late for everything
  595. Blame everything on PMS
  596. Talk to your breasts instead of your face
  597. Say they love you just to get sex
  598. Have big egos or are insecure - no in between
  599. Talk during your favorite TV show but bitch if you talk during theirs
  600. Backseat drive
  601. Comb their hair across their head to (unsuccessfully) hide the fact that they're balding
  602. Cannot spell
  603. Never admit they are wrong
  604. Never apologize
  605. Flex their muscles and think they are better looking than they really are
  606. Give you stupid excuses when they've been caught in a lie or doing something bad
  607. Assume that anyone who doesn't like them is a lesbian
  608. Forget anniversaries and birthdays
  609. Ogle at and flirt with other girls
  610. Remember that a girl smiled at him rather than your birthday
  611. Break promises
  612. Say they are busy when they are really home watching TV
  613. Have their stupid friends over all the time
  614. Ask for your number but never call - or wait a week
  615. Selfish
  616. Sleep with your friends
  617. Always blaming things on us
  618. They smile when you know they are lying
  619. Never call you back when they say they will
  620. Stink up the place
  621. Have Work issues
  622. Use other people's credit
  623. Pick their noses in public
  624. Eat everything in sight
  625. Never buy you anything
  626. Have stinky feet
  627. They are still breathing
  628. Chase you for months, then lose interest once they know you have become interested
  629. Call you all week and disappear on the weekend
  630. Assume you’ll be there when they get ready to pay attention to you
  631. Inconsiderate male chauvinist pigs 
  632. Like to make you feel stupid
  633. Never like your ideas
  634. Like kids unless they are their step-kids
  635. Hypocritical
  636. Don't take out trash
  637. Don't eat leftovers
  638. Don't mow the lawn
  639. Use women for sex
  640. Use being drunk as an excuse for cheating
  641. Remember their old girlfriend's first and last name, but not yours
  642. Avoid you when they think you'll get angry or upset
  643. Tend to think that their feelings are more important than yours
  644. Think they're smarter than you
  645. Feel sorry for themselves…
  646. …. But never for you
  647. Think they can find somebody better than you
  648. Think since they're cheating on you, you must be cheating on them
  649. Think just because you talk to them that you like them
  650. Think it's okay to reach up your shirt after you just met them at a party because you're drunk
  651. Fat, irritating, loser guys hitting on you
  652. Don't have a problem with trying to have sex with 14-year-old girls (when they're already way out of high school)
  653. ALWAYS have a new girl within a week after you break up, then he tries to tell you he's not happy with her and he wants you back
  654. Give mixed messages or start flirting and then you find out they have a girlfriend
  655. Pretends to be Prince Charming...reels you in...plays on your emotions...takes advantage of your very best self...then turns out to be Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde...leaving you to pick up the pieces after he's wreaked havoc with your life....
  656. They ignore you when you talk to them on the phone
  657. They treat their friends better than you
  658. They check out other girls, but it's taboo for us to check out other guys
  659. They accuse us of shifting the blame when THEY ARE WRONG!
  660. They'll blow off all their money on themselves before even considering spending any on you
  661. They hang up on you
  662. They yell at you, but you can't yell at them back
  663. They don't tend to your feelings
  664. They accuse us of trying to get pity when we're upset and need comfort
  665. They can't accept a compliment because they are 'too good'
  666. They act like they are above you and are perfect
  667. They believe their own lies
  668. Will listen to what their friends say before their girlfriends!!
  669. Hate it when you say you need to talk to them...they avoid "talks"
  670. Will leave you for another woman
  671. Never have time for you because they are working but always have time to take out other girls
  672. Kiss you and lead you on
  673. Never remember your name
  674. Keep their ex-girlfriends pictures - on the wall by their bed!!
  675. Always want other women
  676. Dream of your hot friends
  677. Always want the blonde
  678. Just all around treat you like SHIT
  679. Leave the toilet seat up and you end up waking up in the middle of the night, still half asleep, and go to sit down, and fall in… you gotta admit, it’s happened to us all
  680. Expect to be showered with gratitude for buying you a cheap, tasteless gift for your birthday
  681. Expect to be showered with gratitude washing the dishes once annually
  682. Think that grabbing a bag of garbage from the kitchen and tossing it into an outdoor dumpster is the total work effort equivalent of all other household chores combined, including childcare
  683. Can't understand why you feel so threatened by their participating in a little harmless flirtation, then get hugely bunged up when you mention that another guy happens to be attractive
  684. Hit on women way out of their league and criticize the looks of women within their own aesthetic ballpark
  685. Never stop doing that thing that annoys you no matter how nicely, how brutally, or how persistently you ask or tell them to stop it
  686. Tell them you don't like seafood, but make reservations at a seafood restaurant
  687. You tell them you don’t like something, but they buy it for you anyways
  688. Say they want to see you, so you don't make any plans for that day, then when they don't call you on that pre-arranged day so you eventually have to call them, they are out with their friends while you're stuck home doing nothing because all your friends have gone out without you because you told them you were seeing him
  689. Eat off your plate at dinner even though you're not done and act like it shouldn't bother you but you can’t eat off of theirs
  690. They help carry heavy stuff - even if it is just to puff up their ego
  691. Have the power to make you forgive them by saying that they love you
  692. Will go out to a club and make out with another male when you're right around the corner
  693. Don’t appreciate all the plucking/waxing/shaving/etc. we do to look good
  694. Act like dogs when their friends are around and expect you to be all for it
  695. Lie about lying
  696. Act like they don't know how to give a back massage
  697. Blame girls for gossiping and think we don't notice that they do it too
  698. Expect girls to work, take care of the house, kids, dinner and them, but
  699. they will only go to work, come home, and be catered to
  700. Pick flowers from your own yard and give them to you
  701. Cook them a lavish dinner and they ask, "Did you lose an earing at my place?"...when you didn't lose an earring at his place
  702. Use "women's lib" as an excuse to not to open the door for you
  703. Act like gentlemen when you are dating and act like jerks after you have fallen for them
  704. Act like monogamy is rocket science
  705. Drink all of the milk, eat all the fruit and leave you the pits
  706. Volunteer to take out the trash after you've already done it
  707. Blame the car breaking down or traffic on everything
  708. Never around on moving day  
  709. Bring the car home on empty when you have somewhere to go
  710. Can't save money
  711. Are too tight with their money
  712. Everything else in their lives is so much more important than you and if you bitch about that, they always seem to be able to make you feel guilty about bitching about it
  713. Always broke when you wanna go somewhere or do something. but if they wanna go out, there's plenty
  714. Will be hitting on the girl standing next to you but the minute she turns him down, he starts hitting on you
  715. Out to screw as many girls as possible 
  716. Break up with you on New Year's Eve night and leave you no other alternative than to take their friends home
  717. When you aren't interested, they try to analyze why instead of just asking
  718. Want the relationship but not you
  719. Brag about how hot they are when they aren't
  720. Think you are more stupid than you really are
  721. Assume there's something wrong with you when you aren't interested
  722. Try to get with people young enough to be their children
  723. You can't shatter their ego in any way, or else the world is over
  724. Compliment themselves more than you
  725. Act differently when around their friends
  726. Talk too much
  727. They say women are 2-4 years more mature then men!
  728. Can go out and do whatever they please but expect you to sit home waiting for when they're ready to be with you
  729. Think spending money is all they need to do to satisfy you
  730. Buy you a fake ring and think you won't realize that gold shouldn't turn your finger green
  731. Have the brain I had when I was 11
  732. Write REALLY bad love letters
  733. Either a Daddy's boy or a Mama's boy
  734. Negative while your in your positive world
  735. You know you’re falling in love when the small stuff bugs you... unfortunately, you realize it when its too late
  736. You only want the ‘guy next door’
  737. Apologize when they do something wrong and the next day they do it again
  738. Say they're going to call you and then play video games with their dumb friends instead and then don't say a word about the fact that they didn't call you when they see you the next day
  739. Make plans with you to do something and then don't call until about eight o'clock, forcing you to sit there all day wondering when you're going to actually get together
  740. Hang out with their friends a lot more than they do with you
  741. Treat you like crap without realizing that YOU COULD DO SO MUCH BETTER and will only put up with their bullshit for so long
  742. Force you to watch hunting videos with names like "Buck Masters 6"
  743. Cant have conversations that don't deal with hunting, cars, sports, or snowmobiles
  744. Send rollercoaster like signals that turn you into a big emotional wreck that doesn't know how to act
  745. Have no taste whatsoever in jewelry but still buy it for you and expect you to wear it
  746. Are either not sweet at all or sickeningly obsessed corny sweet.  No middle ground here ladies
  747. Send letters after you've broken up saying things like "Friendship..what a joke!" and "Goodbye--for good!!"
  748. Have multiple personalities
  749. Call you when THEY feel like it
  750. Hit on your friends right in front of you
  751. Don't appreciate all the things you do for them
  752. Turn their back on you if there's another female around
  753. One day they're sweet and gentle, and the next day they avoid you completely
  754. Don't know what (or who) they want 
  755. Receive lots of gifts but never give any 
  756. Never apologize 
  757. You have a fear of opening yourself up since you don’t want to ruin something that could be wonderful all b/c you don’t want to lose them
  758. Cheat on you and then act like its your fault
  759. Always expects you to forgive and forget...even when they don’t deserve it
  760. Never want to commit
  761. Start sweating the moment you mention the "M" word
  762. Break your heart when you least expect it and then act like you are old friends when you see them out in public
  763. Act like they don't care at all about you when they are with their friends
  764. Don't pay attention to you when you want them to, especially when you are trying to make them jealous
  765. Still manage take up space in your heart, even when they have hurt you more than anyone before
  766. Can flirt with you but if you flirt back, you're a tease
  767. Ignore when you tell them to do something, and then they do the complete opposite and get mad when you question them
  768. Are cynical assholes 
  769. Make it so that all porn these days is nothing but girl on girl action
  770. Never show themselves during love scenes but girls have to show everything
  771. It's easy for them to forget you're having a fight and go out with their friends while you stay home
  772. Write "love" letters, which are perfect for wiping our vengeful, shitty asses with.
  773. Expect blondes to laugh at dumb blonde jokes, when they're obviously more stupid than the blondes
  774. Show up three hours late, without calling or giving a good excuse, and then get pissed when you no longer want to do what you planned three hours ago
  775. Tell you all about dropping $100 on a new "toy" (game,electronics, pda) over dinner, then proceed to complain about not having any money and hint that you should pick up the check
  776. Sit and sulk when you ask them to stay home rather than go out because you're very ill and don't want to be left alone
  777. Pretend that their true motivations are somehow secret, not abundantly clear to any woman who hasn't been lobotomized
  778. Insist that they're not thinking/feeling anything in particular even though they're walking around like an irate bull with an elephant up its ass
  779. Never listen, even though they tell you they do 
  780. Can never do anything for themselves
  781. When we're upset about them making rude comments, it's our fault
  782. Can't dress themselves
  783. Think sex solves every problem
  784. Have an innate "blame-shifter.” Somehow, if you bring an issue up with a male, you end up apologizing!!
  785. You apologize for something, and then say it was inevitable for you to regret it, instead of taking the apology.
  786. Love is a risk
  787. Call you only to brag about something they got, that you already have in the first place
  788. Say they will come over so you wait up all night for them.  Then when you try to call them when it is 2 in the morning and they're still not there their phone is "unavailable".
  789. Always try to make you look like someone else... "You should cut your hair like hers or dye it like hers or dress like her...."
  790. Are gone forever and never call to tell you where they are and when they will be coming home, which is usually a couple of days later, smelling of alchol and having lipstick all over their collar
  791. STUBBORN as all hell and refuse to admit they need help from a girl
  792. Run away from their problems
  793. Will talk to their friends about their problems instead of talking to you
  794. Talks to their friends about their feelings instead of you
  795. Won't tell their friends they have a girlfriend 'cause they're not "emotional" in public, even though they expect it from you!
  796. Are all lowdown, scum-sucking, lying, cheating assholes
  797. Think that they are gods when all they really are is scared little boys looking for a piece of ass
  798. Hangs up on you and try to pin it on you
  799. Practically devote themselves to trying to get with you, and then when they've got you, they need their space
  800. Leave your shower or tub nasty when they finish bathing
  801. Pay more attention to their friends and not their wives
  802. Will ask you if you've considered breast implants but can't stand the thought of you asking them for a penis enlargement
  803. The words guy, asshole, and pig are practically synonymous
  804. Never listen to you when you think it's important.
  805. Ask you to get a breast enlargement when his dick is the size of a twinky hard solid
  806. Always "forget" their wallet when they go with you to an expensive restaurant but have it when they go with another girl
  807. Refuse to get up, change the channel on the TV, but insist on looking for the remote until they can find it
  808. Can complain about your makeup and hair stuff on the counter in the bathroom but you can't say anything when they leave the toilet seat up or when they miss the friggin' thing
  809. Won't hold the door for their girlfriend but will hold the door for a "hot babe"
  810. Expect you to look like gwen stefani 24/7 when they look far from your dream guy
  811. Only want to be with you as long as you do everything their way
  812. Force you to hang out with their friends by inviting them over when you don't ever have any time for yours
  813. Don't want to be with you on important days and then say, "Oh, I didn't know."
  814. Think that just because their mom was willing to be a slave to their father that you should be that way to them
  815. Spend six months trying to make you let them in, then when you do, they ask you to not be emotional around them
  816. Are emotionally there for their exes more then they are for you and brag about that to their friends in front of you
  817. Are all sweet and touchy-feely on Saturday but when Monday rolls around they ignore you and pretend none of the touchy feely stuff happened
  818. “Forget" (yeah right) to call you for a week and hang up when they realize you're mad, even if you've told them a billion times that you'd like to talk with them at least once every day
  819. Insist on buying you yellow gold jewelry when you've told them you only wear white gold and buy Garnets instead of Rubies to save money and think you won't notice
  820. Stay up every night until 4-5 a.m. playing online computer games but while hangin' out with you, they start to fall asleep at 11 p.m.
  821. Only want what they want when they want it ("I don't want to go there....I don't want to do that...") and then call you a snob
  822. When you tell them some logical thing to do, they tell it to you a week later like it was their idea and claim you never said a word about it 
  823. Claim they love you but dump you every two weeks
  824. Keep naked pictures of porn stars showing their asses and breasts so it's the first thing you see when you walk into the room
  825. Assume that if they fuck you "right", you will forget whatever stupid thing they did in the first
  826. Treat you like a princess one day and then act like a jackass the next
  827.  Act like someone they are not in front of their friends
  828. Expect you to be there for them when they need you, but are nowhere in sight when you need them 
  829. Nothing is ever his fault
  830. Doesn't tell his mom about you because she'll "give him shit about it,”
  831. Tells you he loves you and after 3 months, tells you that he can't love you anymore because you're too pure and innocent for him
  832. Overuses the words "sexy" and "hot" but never tells you you're "beautiful"
  833. Tell you they love you but never show it
  834. Expect you to know why they're in a bad mood and when you ask what's wrong, they blow up in your face
  835. Take you out for $150 dinner on the first date to impress you, then never call you again because you won't sleep with them after said dinner
  836. Never seem to be able to get things right
  837. Always want the opposite of what we want
  838. Break your heart
  839. Most men strut! WHY!? Are their undies in a bunch?
  840. Talk about other women
  841. Make you cry 
  842. Destroy self-esteem with one bad comment
  843. Think they are gods gift
  844. Distroy all lack of respect for you
  845. Title you as his girlfriend but forget to mention his wife
  846. Don't shave their pits! Come on! Hairy pits=b.o. gross!!!
  847. Think trading girlfriends is a fun thing to do, and that there's nothing wrong with it
  848. Grab themselves in public with the excuse that they're "repositioning" themselves 
  849. Asks why you don't do for him what his buddy's girl does for her "man"
  850. Actually think you need them to lift heavy objects, open jars, and so-on
  851. Get upset when you wear high-heels that make you taller than him
  852. Expect your life to revolve around him while he checks out other girls
  853. Call you "clingy" when you want to be close and accuse you of cheating when you give him his space
  854. Look good but they ruin the image when they try to speak
  855. You go to see a movie with him, then have to go to the same movie again without him so you can actually watch it
  856. Their friend can do the same thing you do, sometimes even worse, but you're the only one they will get mad at
  857. Will go live it up all night with their boys but when you want to go party they are tired - how convenient
  858. Think it is OK to go party with their perverted slut friends that hit on every and any body and you're going to be cool with it
  859. When they're in a bad mood, you have to walk on eggshells around them.... And we are the ones with PMS? YEAH RIGHT!
  860. Show more affection to (and spend more money on) their ugly, loud muscle cars than they do on you
  861. Do things they KNOW you will be pissed about and hope you won't find out
  862. Try to justify their most ridiculous mistakes with equally ridiculous excuses
  863. Manly PMS
  864. At clubs, they think dancing with you makes it OK for them to touch you in inappropriate places
  865. If they are your best friend and you two love to talk about things other than sex (which is hard to find), before they go off to college, they promise that you'll always stay friends and they won't stop talking to you, and that even they find a girlfriend, they will not ever neglect you. Instead, as soon as they get to college and meet girls, like the fucking pigs they are, completely forget about you, stop talking to you, and treat you like shit. If you ever do talk to them again, they will either say, "What was your name again?" or "How ya been?"<---- which really pisses US off because we go into bitch mode and want to rip off their throat and spit down their neck and when we tell them that, they cluelessly and simply say, "Why are you mad at me?" Bastards
  866. When you have a fling with a guy and he says that he wants to see you again, but never does
  867. When they act like they're total P-I-M-P-S, but they are stupid idiots who dunno shit from shine about women
  868. Act like they are interested in you but flirt with other girls in front of you, and get jealous if you smile at another guy
  869. Take forever to call you 
  870. Have the motto "Bros before Hos." excuse me, but just b/c you act all motcho and think your all that, doesn't mean we're a ho for dating you
  871. Think they are Gods gift to Women... HA! isn't crock pot of bull
  872. Don't know the true meaning of respect and take you for granted, like you'll always be
  873. They are just crap and argumentative and spoiled brats
  874. Won't let us carry the heavy stuff because they think we're too weak
  875. Have all the chances to be a sweetheart but never take advantage of it!
  876. Go wild and crazy with their friends but not with us
  877. Stand us up and make stupid excuses as to why they can't do something
  878. How we actually care if another girl flirts with our guy, where as if another guy flirts with us, he acts like he doesn't care
  879. Assume we don't need any foreplay, or how they think foreplay is second or third way! It's talking, taking us out to dinner, massaging, taking nice walks, etc.
  880. Don't make an effort to see us
  881. Pretend like they don't care when they get angry when all we want them to do is TO CARE and to talk it out
  882. Conveniently have their cell phone on "silent" after they knew we might be trying to call them
  883. Aren’t man enough to pick up the phone after an arguement
  884. Go to our favorite band's concert without us and pretend like they don't really care if we can't come
  885. Go against everything we say 
  886. Respond to what we are saying as a problem that THEY have to solve, when all we want to them to do is listen
  887. Cant admit they’re wrong
  888. Are continually ill-prepared and fail to make appropriate plans, reservations, etc. for a date
  889. Always ask us what we want to do, where we want to go, etc. for a date, when all we want is for once, have them plan it and surprise us
  890. They always have plans, but when they ask YOU what you want to do, they expect you to know what they have in mind
  891. Make us feel like we're the only ones who actually care and get upset when we can't do something, and because we get jealous
  892. Men are cowardly. Never willing to give you closure at the end of the relationship. They just stop calling.
  893. Help them clean and move out of their apartment, drive 2 1/2 hours to your house, unload the stuff and store it, they make YOU pay for dinner that night!
  894. Buy him little things to show you're thinking of him and he never reciprocates or surprises you the same way...he even forgets to reciprocate a backrub!
  895. One day they are telling you they want to spend a lot of time with you, and make all these plans, and the next day, act as if you don't even exist
  896. When his cheap old fishing pole breaks he'll blame it on you!
  897. He'll spend $350 on a digital camera for himself and for Christmas he'll buy you a gift certificate to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $25.
  898. Jump up and down like a baby/monkey because he can't figure out how to get a friggin' plug out of the sink and thinks that the garbage disposal is broken.
  899. Breaks promises
  900. Flirts with other people then gets upset when you get angry
  901. They date you to get to your sister.
  902. Guys are so quick to jerk off to you when you chat with them
  903. Go so long between haircuts that the backs of their necks look like a shag carpet.
  904. Shut you out and ignore you when you most need them because they have someone new to screw and you could even be dying *literally* and they won't give a shit.
  905. They steal the chewing gum out of your mouth and think they can return it with all their nasty mouthness all over it.
  906. Can't remember your last name after you've been dating for awhile.
  907. Tell you they won't take you home to meet their mom because she might think this is a weekend long relationship.
  908. Get mad when you are not home when they call you, but ignore your calls on their cell phone.
  909. Say you can be their "special" friend, because they are not ready for a commitment.
  910. Likes you and two of your best friends on “some level”… and tells YOU
  911. Don't want to see you because they know you are going to figure out that they are cheating on you.
  912. Always hit on the easiest, slutty whores, and want you to be the trusting and loyal girlfriend.
  913. Patronize you because they think that we are less intelligent than them - actually it usually relates back to them being more intelligent than everyone naturally!
  914. Think that they can tell us to "Shhhh!" in front of people that you know - to make themselves feel in charge!
  915. Don't think that the smell of alcohol, cigarettes or cannabis on their breath will bother us - but when we tell them, they don't even do anything about it! 
  916. Tell their friends everything - even the things that are totally confidential and completely inappropriate to mention to anyone else.
  917. Even when they dump us, they will still bad mouth us and lie about the things we've done in order to make them seem like the victim - the thing that really hurts the most
  918. Don't see the toothpaste on their shirts until they get to your door.
  919. Think that they can act completely vague and get the point across.
  920. Obsessive about their car, which may we add, is a piece of junk.
  921. Talk way the hell too much
  922. Have to fuck them first to find out their dicks are not as big as their mouths
  923. They ask you to call them 'Daddy' when they know you don't want to
  924. Your relationship goes on and off all year, then they really want you, then when you break up with them, they don't want to go back out with you.
  925. When men rag on you all day long because you don't kiss their butts from the moment they get up to the moment they go to work!
  926. After they dump you they think it is fine for them to get over you, but heaven forbid you ever get over them.
  927. As soon as they know another guy is interested suddenly he regrets breaking up with you
  928. Make perverted jokes that disrespect women.
  929. Will cry and say he is sorry to you and then later that night while talking to mutual friends you find out he says it was all your fault and you are a dumb bitch for thinking otherwise.
  930. They have the nerve to perscribe midol for you just b/c your a lil crabby when they don't experance PMS!
  931. The only reason why women are a lil crabby when it comes to that time of the month is because men won't leave us alone!
  932. Doesn't read books unless they have pictures of naked women.
  933. Tells you he’s sorry for all the pain and everything else that happens but tells one of his friends that he just told you that just to make you feel bette
  934. Has double standards for everything and are too dumb to see it!!
  935. Call you while you're out. You call them back while they're out and then they don't return the call for the next 3 or 4 days.
  936. Think they’re always right when half the time they are wrong. 
  937. Tells stupid jokes and says you have no sense of humor when you don't laugh
  938. Start a serious conversation about your boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with them. Their replies have so far been, "I dunno", and "Maybe", and "No", and sometimes you get no response at all.
  939. Talking about something important to you over msn. They give you the sign "brb" yet never return...
  940. Say they understand when you say you don't want to have sex until you are married yet think it's okay to shove there hands down your pants the moment you are alone.
  941. Expect you to understand the difference between "Do you want to go downstairs" as in to another level of the building and "Do you want to go downstairs" as in moving into another level of your body!
  942. Tell you that they will never force you into sex, yet leave out the part about trying to con you into it.
  943. Ask you out, start a relationship with you, then ponder to their guy friends, "I'm not sure if she is my type."
  944. Invites you out to have sushi, then complains that he bought you a $2.00 salad!
  945. Asks you to split a parking ticket when it's his car! 
  946. Will spend time with you when HE wants to.
  947. Can't commit to a relationship, but expects you to want to be "just friends WITH BENEFITS".
  948. Puts looks first. Ever notice how in the t.v. shows the woman slaves at home and is hot while the man is fat and does nothing? So true.
  949. Will act like a gentleman and a great guy while dating, then they dump you and don't respect your feelings.
  950. Think they are so great and sexy, etc. Once they realize they can get a girl,  they dump you because they're sure they are so hot that they can do better than you (i.e. get someone hotter than you.
  951. Calls you to tell you about the problems he's having with his new girlfriend. Then wants you to call him back, when you do, he won't answer.
  952. About 30 on the list of things that are important to him. You’re way behind food, friends,and sports.
  953. Cheats on you with several girls then tells you it's your fault because you talked to his friend. 
  954. Tells his new girlfriend you still want him and then she wants to kick your ass  
  955. Say they want to be with you forever, then when the going gets tough they leave.
  956. Can say they love you, break up with you a million times, and then expect you to be their "something on the side" when they marry someone else.
  957. They leave skid marks in the toilet and leave you to clean it up.
  958. Breaks up with you because it's "weird" and answers every single question with "I dunno" (especially the important questions).
  959. Always insist "I'll never hurt you like he did" and they always do, sometimes even worse!
  960. They always pick the worst movies!
  961. Obsessed with boobs, their own penis, and bodily functions.
  962. Mock you when you complain about something.
  963. Don't take you seriously when you have an opinion.
  964. How there is a 1,000 to 1 asshole to sweetheart ratio between the male species.
  965. Think that there is something wrong about gay men, but lesbians they totally support.
  966. Men only care about themselves, and only what is beneficial to them.
  967. Insensitive dominate pigs.
  968. Gets together with you when you haven't seen each other in a couple of weeks, goes to a party where everyone you both know are going to be there - meets you there and dumps you at the beginning of the night - making you either have to leave or have to spend the entire night seeing his face.
  969. Hits on you for weeks, goes out and has fun, possibly fools around and then a week later you find out they have a girlfriend.
  970. Makes plans to go away for the weekend - supposed to pick you up around noonish. Three o'clock rolls around and they still haven't called. When they do call they make excuses and don't end up going.
  971. Thinks it's ok for them to go to the club or bar but not for us to go
  972. Would rather have beer than a relationship
  973. Male mating call: "Somebody's happy." or "Look who wants to come out and play."
  974. Tells everyone that you are smothering them and that they are annoyed that you are always around. But the very second you get off work or are out with your friends for a change, your cell phone starts ringing off the hook and he's saying , "When are coming over. I miss you. I love you. Come back."
  975. After being together for 2 years, dumps you via email. Then a year later tries to crawl back.   
  976. Treats you like shit, blames you for everything, refuses to let you be with and talk to your friends.
  977. Screams at you for falling asleep when you’re supposed to call them at all odd hours of the morning and/or night.
  978. Always suspects you of cheating when you just want to talk to a friend, and then when you finally have had enough and can't take the abuse anymore, he tells you he can't live without you, and the very next day he hooks up with your best friend.
  979. Guys say that they like you, want to be with you, and that they don't want to hurt you, and then totally ignore you.
  980. Still manage take up space in your heart, even when they have hurt you more than anyone before
  981. Claim they like you, but drop you like a hot potato for the next chick that is willing to do more then you would
  982. Sometimes you do stuff to hurt them, but it blows up in your face and hurts you to
  983. AHH!!!!! Canadian Geese!!
  984. It's Porky!!!... Grab the Bacon
  985. Gorks
  986. Forced dates
  987. Blue 'Jay'
  988. irony
  989. Late night deep conversations
  990. men coming out of the closet
  991. They think the world revolves around them
  992. they think everything you do you do it to have some kind of effect on them
  993. the yawn-arm-around-the-shoulder trick
  994. creepy people
  995. creepy people who stalk their co-workers at McDonald's
  996. men are shallow
  997. it never worked out b/c you're not blond and dizzy, and he goes for those kinds of girls
  998. Men forget their manners... often
  999. Never apologize for anything
  1000. "you're everything I don't want"
  1001. They won't date you b/c it might hurt you in the long run, even though you're dieing with the way things are now
  1002. reasons 1-1000
  1003. they think they're better than girls
  1004. they think guys rule the world
  1005. immature
  1006. inside jokes... too many of them to name
  1007. ________ the turkey
  1008. your friends replace you with one guy
  1009. paying for your expenses as well as theirs
  1010. their bad drug habits
  1011. their friends...
  1012. ...wait, they don't have any friends!
  1013. the dont have any balls
  1014. exagerating
  1015. "toungues"
  1016. someone finding the "tongue" picture
  1017. fingers and "tongues"
  1018. Olivia's twin sister, Olga
  1019. they start crushing on your best friend(s) just from talking to her on the phone
  1020. Cell phone numbers
  1021. T-zone season
  1022. talking staplers
  1023. going 'crazy'
  1024. boys are bad, boys are real bad
  1025. they Angerfy you
  1026. ur-chh-ch-chh
  1027. numorus break-ups
  1028. Chika meaning wisdom in Japanese.... and Chika meaning girl in spanish. couincidence? I think not
  1029. Getting drunk on creamers then moving to the hard stuff; whole milk
  1030. They just can't drop or let anything go
  1031. the nun run
  1032. where do they get off when they know your family better then you
  1033. if they know the answer to a question before it's even asked, then why ask the question
  1034. girls are right, they always are, and always will be. git over it.
  1035. the guy shoulda died, but then it'd be too 'Romeo and Juliet'
  1036. my like has never revolved around a guy before, and it never will
  1037. everything i do, i don't do it to piss off some guy, altho if i do in the process, its an just added bonus
  1038. 2 creepy stalkers
  1039. scars are erriversible
  1040. this is worse then some creepy guy looking thru my bedroom window
  1041. its better not knowing what you want to know
  1042. men, don't believe them; all liars
  1043. two creepy stalkers in the same week
  1044. some graduate from weird to creepy, obsesive, loonitic stalker who pisses you off for other reasons
  1045. Going to 6 different convents in a week, meeting many different sisters, nuns, and girls that came with you, hearing stories, laughing, and having an experiance of a lifetime really has an effect on you.
  1046. You think one guy is everything you wanted, then realise he's nothing you wanted.
  1047. My Anam Cara
  1048. Anam Cara the song
  1049. Anam Cara the diffenition
  1050. the word Doyle
  1051. the scavenger hunt Areka and I went on to find the definition of Doyle
  1052. Doylistics
  1053. Reading during Church... and messing up
  1054. Post-it notes
  1055. Japan.... or Adventure Camp
  1056. Dead Theologians Society
  1057. TB Tests
  1058. Marshmallows and ghost turds
  1059. they tell you to wait 3 months to go out with them, and during that period of time, they hardly talk to you and expect you to still be interested
  1060. The bat found in room #2/storage room while cleaning out the Undercroft Chapel (aka: dts room)
  1061. Greg, Massion, and Jeff teasing me b/c I was afraid of the bat
  1062. God would rather keep you all to Himself, than put someone else in our lives
  1063. We have to fall in love with God before we can fall in love with someone else
  1064. Two star-crossed lovers
  1065. speeches suck
  1066. Waiting is the hardest part of hope
  1067. Penguins live in Antartica... or in zoos
  1068. I want a penguin
  1069. I spend most of my time being oblivous and I am perfectly fine with that.
  1070. Areka is rubbing off on me... ex: the murder mystery I'm writing
  1071. the murder mystery I'm writing
  1072. 3 stalkers!!! AHH
  1073. I am Oblivious to the world, and I have no problem with it
  1074. Some men go thru more women than they do underwear
  1075. When they're in jail, they'll call you only to ask to talk to his girlfriend
  1076. convects are mean
  1077. convects will take all your money
  1078. Men call you at awkward times
  1079. You have not life, so you can be crabby and people will automaticly asume it's because of that
  1080. People should stop being so mean
  1081. Everyday would be a snow day
  1082. Nuns/sisters look like penguins
  1083. Bubba, the convict
  1084. There's more behind the eyeliner
  1085. Over time, things change...
  1086. ... and it hurts
  1087. You told me be selfish... and I was...
  1088. ... and i know it hurt more than just me
  1089. Every good story starts with "I was kidnapped by a dwarf"
  1090. "Will and Grace" is not just a theroy; it's a tv show.
  1091. you wouldnt have to go to youth group to meet guys b/c you're already in something religious and you dont have to worry about guys anyway
  1092. you wouldnt have to hear stupid whores talk about having sex with their boyfriend
  1093. you wouldn't have to worry about a guy calling you
  1094. you get rocking outfits
  1095. you meet a guy but neglect to get even his name, let alone anything else
  1096. You get too depressed thinking about guys.
  1097. Men no share!
  1098. Men have no brains
  1099. They don't think
  1100. Shawns make-up bag
  1101. you start liking a guy, then find another guy you end up liking
  1102. 2 guys
  1103. not getting a guys number
  1104. finally meeting a guy who isn't all over you at first site....
  1105. ... and not getting his number!
  1106. meeting a sweet guy....
  1107. .... and not getting his number
  1108. dates for breakfeast
  1109. It saves you from the pains of the world
  1110. You won't need any form of transportation to get to church.... you live by the church
  1111. People think you memorized the dirty parts of a translation book.
  1112. People thinking you like/have a crush on your best friend
  1113. Having a cursh on your best friend
  1114. I love Eau Claire
  1115. hey, if you feel called...
  1116. Scribble Partys
  1117. yearbooks
  1118. House of Formation
  1119. All those "I'm not going to ask" conversations with Hailey
  1120. Passports
  1121. Mt. Fuji trip
  1122. Japanese boyfriends
  1123. missing your friends
  1124. escape from the pain
  1125. goats on a roof?
  1126. gas money
  1127. no jobs
  1128. when you think a guy likes you...
  1129. ... and you like him
  1130. when you like one of your guy friends (i faintly remember an incadent that started like this...)
  1131. i want a dog! is that too much to ask?
  1132. liking a guy and there's consequences
  1133. when a guy liked you and completly erased you from his memory
  1134. not agreeing with your government
  1135. being too opionated
  1136. you like a guy and he really does turn out to be gay
  1137. U.S Cellular guys
  1138. Speeding tickets
  1139. Japanese music
  1140. ... and how most of them are about love
  1141. Japanese love songs
  1142. 3,000 songs on your computer (and counting) but NO iPod
  1143. The only two guys I have in my life are Ben and Jerry
  1144. High School isn't long enough
  1145. editors at local newspapers that don't give people an oppertunity
  1146. Photo Story for Psych
  1147. too many pictures to scan for Psych


Reasons NOT to Become a Nun (without getting all mushy):
Reason # 1: there is the 'perfect guy' out there for every girl; maybe the thing that you think you hate the most about a guy, turns out to be the thing you love the most about him. and besides, guys... are guys and there will be some things that they do that annoy a girl, but you just have to live with it. There are guys out there that are really sweet and caring and all that other good stuff that you just can't help but fall for.... I think this one thing tops all the other reasons to become a nun.... yeah... way better!


Reason # 52 is my favorite!